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Husband – Wife and …?

by News Monks

“Finally, I got what I wanted. Thanks, babe for delving into this wearisome task along with me,” Bhoomi sighed.

“Yeah, you’ll look unmatched in this dress. Just order it.” Naina said jumpingly.

“Dear hubby please share the OTP.”

“Bhoomi my mobile is there on dining table, I’m in between some work.”

“Okay, here we go… order has been placed, yay!” Bhoomi exclaimed.


“Holy smoke! you know your hubby’s mobile pin?” Naina reacted startingly.

“Yep, he also knows mine. Is there anything wrong with it?”

“Don’t you both have any privacy? I mean it’s like invasion of each other’s privateness.” Naina opined.

Bhoomi guffawed at her comment, stopped her laugh strenuously and said “Naina… you’re reacting in a way as you’ve seen us sharing our undies,” Bhoomi continued laughing.

Nae… Naina gave her pouty moue & said, “But there is everything in one’s mobile. It’s not sensible to give free access. Any act may sow doubts in partner’s mind unknowingly. It’s also about having space in relation.”

Hmm… Bhoomi paused and replied, “There is no place for any doubt in this sacred bond. Only a mere activity on mobile should not create suspicion in the mind of partner. Otherwise, one needs to work on it and try to make their relationship impregnable. Communication is the solution of every problem. Yep, couples should have their own spaces & privacies to get reenergised by having ‘Me Time’.”

Bhoomi continued, “Privacy in relation should be about having your own wiggle room where you’ve freedom of thoughts. Where there is ample space to open the box of your dreams, desires before each other. Work for that space in your relationship where you both have room to express your emotions without any fear of being judged.”

“Aachoo… Oh! this flu has made me so sick,” Bhoomi said while rubbing her nose.

“Come Naina, I’ll make ginger tea and talk simultaneously.”

They both entered kitchen.

“Oh! I was really swayed away by your thoughts. In that way you both keep checking each other’s phone?” Naina asked curiously.

Ha Ha… Knowing passwords doesn’t mean we keep digging each other’s mobile phone. Honestly speaking, it never crossed our mind. It’s just that there is no wall named as password between us.

In case of battery dying out or unable to locate phone, we freely use each other’s mobile.

We sit besides each other, share everything we come across while surfing on the internet. There is no fear of any exposure unlike we get conscious in front of others.

“But what if you see anything weird/unacceptable in your partner’s mobile?” Naina asked inquisitively.

“Then we talk to each other, it’s all about having space for open communication & mutual understanding. The fact of the matter is that in this day and age, virtual world co-exists with the real world. It’s people choice whether they want to roam in this virtual world alone or together.” Bhoomi added.

Unwind your relation from these secrecies, unless one of the partners is working as an espionage agent.

Both bursted into laughter.

Mmm… aroma of your tea, Bhoomi’s hubby said romantically.

“Ahem, I’m still here jiju.” Naina smiled playfully.




Dear Readers,

There is no fixed formula of a successful marriage. It’s up to couples understanding, how they want to take their relation ahead. It’s like cooking the same dish with different ingredients but the goal is same to make yummy one. Same applies to marriage, ways may be different, but mission is same i.e. to live a happy married life. Keep your channels of communication open. Be easily accessible to each other.



– Kasturi Krishnapingla





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