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Hurry Om Hurry Team Lights Up Navratri 2023 with Spectacular Promotions

Hurry Om Hurry Team Lights Up Navratri 2023 with Spectacular Promotions

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Navratri 2023 turned into an unforgettable celebration in Mumbai as the team behind the eagerly anticipated Romcom, “Hurry Om Hurry,” lit up the city with their spirited promotions. Under the banner of Sanjay Chhabria’s Everest Entertainment and directed by Nisarg Vaidya, this film is set to mark a milestone in Gujarati cinema.


A Star-Studded Promotional Extravaganza


The “Hurry Om Hurry” team left no stone unturned in promoting their film. They graced not one but three prominent Navratri shows: Falguni Pathak Navratri Show, Korakendra Navratri Show, and Kinjal Dave Show. The collective audience turnout exceeded a staggering 70,000 enthusiastic Navratri revelers.


Siddharth Randeria – The Crowd-Pleaser


Siddharth Randeria, one of the lead actors in the film, took the stage and proved why he’s a crowd favorite. His infectious humor had the audiences roaring with laughter. He quipped about the power of the “Gujju” (Gujarati) people, joking that the government had to extend the Navratri deadline to 12 am in Mumbai – shows the festive fervor of the community.


But it wasn’t all humor; Randeria also shared a heartfelt sentiment, stating, “This film will drastically change the ‘Disha’ (direction) and ‘Dasha’ (condition) of the Gujarati Film Industry.” His words resonated with the audience, highlighting the potential impact of “Hurry Om Hurry.”


A First for Gujarati Cinema


A notable moment of the night was when the “Hurry Om Hurry” team became the first Gujarati movie to make an appearance at Falguni Pathak’s much loved Navratri show. This marked a significant step in the promotion of Gujarati cinema to broader audiences.


From Stage to the Streets


Siddharth Randeria’s commitment to promoting the film was unwavering. He embarked on a foot tour around Mahavirnagar, connecting with the people and spreading the word about “Hurry Om Hurry.” His personal touch and dedication to the film were evident throughout the promotional journey.

As “Hurry Om Hurry” continues to build momentum in the lead-up to its theatrical release on November 24th, 2023, these vibrant Navratri promotions have set the stage for what promises to be a landmark moment in the world of Gujarati cinema.

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