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How to DETOX the body naturally?

by News Monks

We all know that the human body is made up of PANCHMAHABHUTA and the amount of each element is pre-determined in the body and there are certain factors that affect it. If we understand the process of purification or detoxification then there is no need of special efforts to make it perfectly fit. For that one has to understand five major elements of human body. The PANCHMAHABHUTA includes PRUTHVI- AGNI-VAYU-PANI-AKASH (earth, fire, air, water and sky). The body is made up of 72% water the earth element is 12%, the VAYU element that is gas 6% and the remaining ten percentage fire and sky (space). There are three main causes of illness or poor health.

1) Toxin content – Diet and oxygen are the most important factors behind the production of toxins. Undigested food in the body usually converts into toxin. Oxygen and diet contribute to the human body in two ways, positive and negative. If we do not get oxygen and food we cannot survive and if we got it then the process of generating toxins starts automatically. We can’t stop it completely because it requires giving up oxygen and food which is not possible. But we can slow down the process by controlling or balancing the amount of food and oxygen. When the body gets oxygen and food, a certain type of chemical process starts inside the body and at the end of the process, certain types of toxic substances are released in the body which are responsible for diseases and ailments. How do we know that toxins are rising in the body? It has certain symptoms, which indicate that the amount of toxins in the body is increasing. Such as 1) More tingling on the tongue 2) Drowsiness 3) Laziness at work 4) Gastroenteritis very disturbed 5) Frequent colds and coughs 6) Different problems like headaches, burning sensation in the eyes, abdominal pain, joint pain and limbs stiffness, waist or body ache, etc. arises in the body every second without any reason.

2) Lack of life-force – Lack of life force is lack of vital force that is nothing but vitamins deficiency. The function of vitamins, calcium, minerals, fats etc. is mainly to boost the immune system and be useful in the process of digestion and metabolism. Moreover, it also plays a role as an antioxidant. There are many types of vitamins like Vitamins A, vitamin D, vitamin E, vitamin C etc while there are many types of Vitamin B also such as B2, B6, B12 etc. which are the responsible factors for illness or poor health.

3) Stress – A person’s own vices such as lust, anger, passion, greed, ego and jealousy make him stressful. Such insatiable desires increase person’s stress. Stress makes a person angry, irritable, frustrated, anxious, scared. Due to which digestion, blood circulation and breathing become irregular so that the metabolism rate speeds up which makes a person sick and old.

There are six things that need special attention to balance both toxins and vital force.

1) Nutritious and SATTVIC food – Food is a basic need of life. According to the scriptures, in Kali Yuga, PRANA resides in food. This means that it is very important for a human being to have a proper and necessary diet in order to survive. The five basic elements are essential for the nourishment and protection of the human body. a) Carbohydrates b) Proteins c) Vitamins d) Fats e) Minerals, human health is closely related to its diet. Food plays an important role in the history of many diseases. A nutritious diet is the basic condition for all the functions of the body, growth and development as well as for gaining immunity. Nutrition means getting the building materials needed for the management and development of physical activities. For which it is very important to make nutritious diet a part of daily life.

2) Fasting – We have already discussed above that overeating creates many toxins in the body which make a person sick as well as speed up the aging process. So the advice of fasting given in religions is very scientific. Penance and fasting slow down the aging process of human beings as well as remove toxins. The general belief is that when food is digested, it either becomes blood or undigested food is excreted in the feces. But a third action is also connected with food. Some of the food eaten is blood that neither forms nor is excreted in the feces. But it gets into the body and produces toxins which have the opposite effect on the body’s vitality and efficiency. So that fasting is necessary. Fasting eliminates all the toxins that have accumulated in the body as the digestive tract that is produced in the body during meals eliminates the toxins that accumulate in the body without food which is the root cause of many diseases. The American Institute of Aging has proven that fasting is a type of exercise that slows down the body’s metabolism, saves energy, is useful in eliminating diseases, and fasting boosts a person’s immune system.

3) Get enough sleep – Sleep is a blessing from God. God has laid down certain rules for living life by following which we can stay healthy and happy for life. Sleep is as important as diet for health. God has made the day for hard work or karma and the night for rest. In the modern lifestyle we have forgotten that the efficiency of the whole day is based on a deep sleep of night. According to scientific research, a person usually needs at least 6 to 8 hours of sleep. The need for sleep is subject to age. Younger people need more sleep while older people need less sleep. Also, those who do mental labor much need a little more sleep.

4) Positive Attitude – At present more than 70% of the causes of problems, illnesses or diseases are mental or psychological. This has been proven by scientific research. Body and mind are closely intertwined. Emotions play a vital role in maintaining good physical health. Thus good health and a healthy mind complement each other. A healthy mind does not allow stress-producing endocrine glands to be produced. So that diseases can be prevented from occurring. If your mind has a positive attitude, you will be able to maintain good health even in difficult situations. It is advisable to avoid negative thoughts at all ages. So efforts should be made in that direction as soon as possible and should inculcate the habit of positivity. As much as there is a need for a nutritious diet and exercise for health, there is also a need for a positive attitude.

5) Exercise – People who want to stay fit and healthy must do regular light exercise and routine work. Most people find exercise a boring activity. Inadequate amounts of exercise has found in 65% of the world’s population whose lives are sedentary. Sedentary lifestyle is one of the top 10 health risks in the world. God has given this precious body and its organs to enjoy happiness and to help others and not to become a burden on others to live life. Items can corrode when not in use. Its efficiency decreases and gradually it becomes unusable. The same is true with body organs if left unmanaged than becomes useless and instead of becoming useful creates many problems and pain in life. Dr. William says that the biggest reason for making a man’s life short and painful is sedentary and unhealthy life. In today’s age, many diseases such as blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, bone loss, cholesterol, heart attack, cancer, etc., are mainly responsible for the complete lack of exercise. Today 80% of the youth in the world do not do any kind of physical exercise. Live a completely sedentary life and remains maximum with TV, mobile, computer. So even among the younger generation the incidence of diseases is increasing alarmingly. Their memory, interpretation, comprehension is constantly declining. There is also a worrying increase in many vices such as negativity, impatience, anger, selfishness and violence. Diabetes is the number one disease in the world among the youth of India. A US study found that sedentary people were 35% more likely to have a heart attack. Similarly, the probability of developing high blood pressure also increases by 35 to 52%. Diabetes research shows that the absence of exercise also increases the risk of developing diabetes and death. This is because a sedentary life reduces the calorie expenditure in the body so that fat is replenished which lowers base metabolism rate which reduces the effectiveness of insulin. Numerous recent researches have shown that sedentary lifestyle leads to mental illness as well as depression. Exercise gives a person happiness and peace, increases confidence.

6) Pious conduct – piousness is nothing but overall purity. Purity is of two types 1) Purity of body 2) Purity of mind. Both types of holiness are essential for good health. The purity or sanctity of the body is based on two things: food and bath. A person who wants complete health should take proper, SATTVIC diet. Bathing is also a very important practice even in its absence the health of the body is not possible. Our bath should be appropriate, abrasive and seasonal. Water is the most powerful element of nature. Through its proper use a person can achieve health. Bathing twice a day is essential, the use of cold water for bathing is excellent, as well as the abrasive bath opens the pores of the skin so that it acts like a massage and feels relaxed as well as refreshed. It is important to understand that purity of body is necessary for purity of mind so that laziness does not allow in the bath. Diseases are far removed from a person whose mind is pure, positive and powerful. The power of such people to fight against the disease is also unique. Purity of mind and physical strength depend on pious conduct. Pious deed that is sacred conduct means a righteous life. An ungodly or unethical life destroys man’s physical, mental, and spiritual strength. It is inevitable to live a pious and moral life by removing the impurities of the mind such as attachment, lust, raga-DWESHA, selfishness, ego etc. Pious conduct or pious life means living a virtuous, ethical and moral life.

Life without virtue is like death.

In addition, detoxification is naturally possible by keeping the body’s PANCHMAHABHUTA pure. NEEM and basil (TULSI) are useful to purify the body’s water element which is the major element of PANCHMAHABHUTA (72%). Through which not only purity take place but also speed and energy is obtained. Basil and NEEM make the body’s water element vibrant and energetic. The most profound effect on the PRUTHVI element of the body is caused by food. So what do you eat, How do you eat, When do you eat Etc. are very important because food is life. The other element affecting body is VAYU that is air which we inhale through our breath. Air affects most of how long we store it in the body. That is why control over breathing i.e. PRANAYAMA is very useful. The fourth element is fire. There are different types of fire in the body such as the fire of greed, the fire of hatred, the fire of anger, the fire of love, the fire of compassion, etc. Such a fire has tremendous effect on the body. If we understand the type of fire within us, then we will stop suffering from physical or mental disorders and the health of body and mind will become easier.

AGNITATVA (fire element in the body) has a very northern effect of sunlight so early morning sun is excellent for health. Science has also proved that the morning sun rays are rich in vitamin D. The fifth element is the celestial element (AKASHTATV). The celestial element of the body is the soul which is a very powerful element which is always constructive and ready to give excellent results. If we can maintain the balance of the above four elements, then with the cooperation of the celestial beings, life becomes a blessing and the happiness like heaven can be achieved.

Shilpa shah, director in-charge, HKBBA College

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