Home Festival Holi 2022: You Can Celebrate Memorable Holi By Visiting These Places Of India, The Trip Will Be In The Budget

Holi 2022: You Can Celebrate Memorable Holi By Visiting These Places Of India, The Trip Will Be In The Budget

by News Monks

The festival of Holi falls in the month of March. There is neither much winter nor heat in this month. The festival of Holi is celebrated with great pomp in India. A special festival is organized across the country regarding the festival of colors. In such a situation, on the occasion of Holi, if you want to go out somewhere without celebrating Holi at home, then there are many such beautiful places in the country, where the festival of Holi is the center of attraction. This time Holi is also a four-day holiday. Holi is on March 17 and 18 and there are weekends on March 19-20. In such a situation, if you are planning a trip on Holi this year, then you are getting four days to roam. In such a situation, you can go to some special places of the country on Holi. Let us know where you can roam during the holiday of Holi.












is a very beautiful state in terms of tourism. The beautiful views of Kerala, the magnificent beaches will fascinate you. On the other hand, going to Kerala on the occasion of Holi would be even better. Here Holi is known as Manjul Kuli and Ukkuli. Holi festival is celebrated here with great pomp.












If you plan to celebrate Holi away from home, then go on a trip to Manipur. Holi festival and Yosang festival in Manipur last for 6 days. In which many tourists participate in Holi every year. During this, one can enjoy a variety of local delicious dishes to eat and drink.







Holi of Karnataka is also very famous. Holi festival is celebrated with pomp in the city of Hampi, Karnataka on the occasion of Holi. Tourists come from all over the country and abroad to participate in the two-day Holi festival.




You can go to Assam on Assam Holi. You can enjoy the beauty and Holi charm of Assam on a four day trip. The festival of Holi is celebrated for two days in Assam. It is called Dol Jatra. Here Holi is also like North India, in which Holika Dahan takes place. People make mud huts and burn them. Holi of colors is played on the second day. Every year in the month of March, a large number of people come here to play Holi.

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