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Hernia Risk Factors &Its Prevention

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Hernia can be a life-threatening condition if proper medical steps are not taken to prevent it. For clarity’s sake, a hernia happens when an organ pushes through the tissue or muscle that joins it. Hernia happen in the abdomen, it can also occur in the upper thigh and groin regions. Here, we shall focus on some of the symptoms and how best to prevent a hernia in the body.

What are the symptoms of a hernia?

There are several frequently known symptoms of hernia. Although, hernia takes different forms, some involve the groin or the abdomen which is inguinal or femoral, whereas, the other most frequently hernia types are epigastric, incisional, umbilical, and hiatal.

Some primary symptoms may include, coughing, heavy lifting, constipation, bulge, or swelling. You may also notice a lump on your pubic bone or thigh. Other types of hernias like Hiatal hernias can have some kind of symptoms that can include chest pain, heartburn and difficulty in swallowing.

Hernia Risk Factors

A recent study reviews 25% of males develop inguinal at some point in life, and only 2% of women experienced inguinal hernia. This study was carried out by the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases. The risk factor of hernias tends to weaken the abdominal muscles.

Treatment options

Laparoscopic hernia repair surgery is a common procedure performed using a minimally invasive approach. Dr. Samrat Jankar, hernia specialist in Pune, practicing at Symbiosis hospital and research Institute, has successfully carried out over 1000+ hernia surgeries, with some of the latest surgical techniques such as, TEP (Total extraperitoneal preperitoneal repair), TAPP (Transabdominal preperitoneal repair), eTEP-TAR and IPOM (Intraperitoneal Onlay mesh repair).

Dr Samrat Jankar says, “A hernia does not get better with time, nor does it heal on its own. A hernia cannot be cured with workouts or physical therapy. Controlling several risk factors may aid in the reduction of hernia symptoms, but If it’s left untreated, hernias can get larger over time.”


There are several ways you can prevent hernias. Below are some proven methods you can use;

Engage in Regular Exercise; productive and physical exercise is good for your general wellbeing. It is important to indulge in regular exercise if you are suffering from hernias. Getting enough and regular exercise helps you prevent hernias to a large extent. Indulging in the right exercise like yoga, Pilates, aerobic, light weights or sit-ups will help you prevent hernias.

Eat High Fiber Foods– Your meal plan should include high fibre meals like whole grain, dried fruits, apples, avocados, berries, salads and more. This helps to nourish your body and make you healthier and brighter.

Stay Fit– Maintaining a healthy body weight will go a long way in preventing hernias, most especially Inguinal hernia. Remember, your abdominal wall is always under pressure due to excess body weight. You can reach out to your doctor to engage you in a diet plan.

Quit Smoking– smoking results in excessive coughing that may put your abdomen in a precarious situation. This can increase hernia condition. Try to avoid smoking regularly if you cannot entirely quit smoking. Sneezing can also aggravate abdominal pains.

See Your Doctor

The best way and the fast method to prevent hernia is to recognize the signs and book an appointment with a gastroenterologist. An untreated hernia does not go away from your system, instead, deepens your health condition. It is important you contact a specialist for proper treatment. Do not rely on self-help. Your doctor is the right person to diagnose you and determine the type of treatment that best suit your situation.


Hernia is a condition that can be treated. All you need to do is to reach out for medical help.

Dr. Samrat Jankar

Surgical Gastroenterologist, HPB, colorectal and advanced laparoscopic surgeon

SUHRC Symbiosis University Hospital & Research CentreDnyan Marg Mulshi, LavalePune, Maharashtra 412115

Contact  +91 79041 39064

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