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Havmor receives 43 thousand Job Applications for its Coolest WFH Competition

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Havmor Ice Cream, one of India’s favourite ice cream brands, culminated its biggest event of the year in October 2021, Coolest WFH Job Season 4 in association with Chef Ranveer Brar, that unveiled talents from across the country. The brand presented everyone with an opportunity to create their own flavours of ice cream and show a flair for innovation. Season 4 witnessed a rooftop hike in participation in comparison to its previous seasons, credits to digital execution of the event by Havmor, and ultimately this ice cream brand crowned five Chief Tasting Officers (CTO) who came from different spheres of life but shared the same desire for ice creams.


This season’s finale consisted of several opportunities and experiences for the CTOs. Chef Ranveer was elated and delighted to see the creativity brought to the table by the CTOs . Mouth-drooling fusion of flavours that were suggested included Maple syrup induced Chocolate ice-cream, American Mud Pie, Rolled Oats Chocolate ice-cream and Coffee induced Black Currant. On the other hand, a dash of desi suggestions was floating around as well that included Bombay Halwa, Agra Petha, Jalebi Gulab Jamun and Piyush. Having been given this opportunity by Havmor, the chosen CTOs expressed the excitement and vigor they experienced. And to be able to interact with one of the industry’ best Celebrity Chef Ranveer Brar, the CTOs couldn’t have been more persuaded to put forward their best suggestions of ice cream flavours.


Considering the nation entered a digital age, Season 4 of Havmor’s Coolest WFH Job called for a digital execution and this digital convenience helped the brand garner a total number of more than 43,000 entries and received flavour suggestions of more than 150. The whole campaign gained digital impressions of above 3 crores and the engagement level crossed a total of 19 lakh.


Being an only ice-cream brand calling for participation from consumers to discover, innovate and present their unique creations of ice-creams, we are stoked to have succeeded in conducting the Season 4 of our Coolest WFH Job event. The level of enthusiasm along with a knack for creativity in the participants portrayed a typical form of love for ice-creams. Accompanied by talent from the industry, our guest speaker for the event- Chef Ranveer Brar, we were stoked to announce a total of five CTOs from different lenses of life for this year’s Coolest WFH Job.commented Mr. Vincent Noronha, VP Marketing at Havmor Ice Cream.


In response to Season 4 of Havmor’s Coolest WFH Job, Chef Ranveer Brar expressed, “In response to Season 4 of Havmor’s Coolest WFH Job, Chef Ranveer Brar expressed, “Being in the food industry, I’ve come across several enthusiasts with a lot of ideas, but unfortunately, they remain just that, ideas. But associating with Havmor allowed me to come across those who look forward to moulding those ideas into an innovative creation. Interacting with Season 4 of Havmor’s chosen CTOs, I witnessed these winners coming forth with not just a special palate for ice-creams, but also with a unique level of creativity.


Witnessing the hype in Season 4 of Havmor’s Coolest WFH Job, the brand awaits with great anticipation to present the masses with the chosen flavours of ice cream discovered.

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