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Hair Transplantation and Its Costs—Explained by Mysore’s Best Hair Transplant Surgeon

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Hair Transplantation and Its Costs—Explained by Mysore’s Best Hair Transplant Surgeon

Millions of people around the world, particularly males, are concerned about hair loss. Hormonal changes, aging, family history, and trauma such as burns are all variables that contribute to it. In most cases, the sooner hair loss begins, the more severe it will become. Hair transplantation or hair replacement surgery may be a viable choice to explore as a baldness reconstructive treatment.

In this article, Dr. Manas Jain will discuss the types & cost of hair transplant in Mysore. He will also answer the frequently asked questions about hair transplant surgery.

Hair transplantation entails extracting bald-resistant areas of the scalp and transplanting them to a bald area. Areas of the scalp that are resistant to baldness are present on the sides and rear of the head. Because these transplanted areas have been shown to be genetically resistant to baldness, they will grow hair for the rest of your life. If only a few hairs are relocated per session, the transplant will appear more natural. This is due to the fact that human hair is divided into one to four strands per follicle grouping.

Hair transplantation can be divided into two categories.

  1. Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT)

A strip of hair from the donor region is removed and implanted on the thinning or balding area in this technique. The donor region is then closed with sutures. It would take several days for the area to heal. Because it permits multiple grafts to be transplanted in a single session, Follicular Unit Transplantation is appropriate for moderate to severe balding instances.


  1. Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

This method is newer and more widely used than the first. Hair strands are transplanted from the back and sides of your head in groups of one to four, as this is how hair grows naturally. The method produces more natural-looking results because it resembles how human hair develops. Another benefit of this method over others is that it does not require significant or deep cuts. As a result, recuperation time is reduced and scarring is reduced.


Frequently asked questions about hair transplants

Surgical hair transplants can offer amazing results, but it’s fair if you have some concerns about the process before deciding whether it’s appropriate for you. The following are some of the most frequently asked questions about hair transplants:


What is the cost of hair transplant in Mysore?

NO. OF GRAFTS FUE RS. 20 – 25 BIO-FUE RS. 25 – 30 RAHT RS. 40 – 45 DHT RS. 50 – 55
1500-2000 Rs.30000-Rs.40000 Rs.37500-Rs.50000 Rs.60000-Rs.80000 Rs.75000-Rs.100000
2000-3000 Rs.40000-Rs.60000 Rs.50000-Rs.75000 Rs.80000-Rs.120000 Rs.100000-Rs.150000
3000-4000 Rs.60,000-Rs.80,000 Rs.75,000-Rs.100000 Rs.120000-Rs.160000 Rs.15000-Rs.200000
4000-5000 Rs.80000-Rs.100000 Rs.100000-Rs.150000 Rs.160000-Rs.200000 Rs.200000-Rs.250000
5000-6000 Package Package Package Package



Is it painful?

Because a local anesthetic is administered, the process is painless. However, especially with FUT transplants, individuals may endure discomfort after the treatment. Painkillers can alleviate the majority of pain and discomfort sensations.


How long does it take to complete the procedure?

Hair transplants take approximately 8 hours to do. Because the healing process might take several weeks and is highly noticeable, many people choose to take some time off after the treatment.


When can I expect to get results?

Hair transplant outcomes normally take 3-4 months to show up, with full results appearing around the 12-month mark.


Is a hair transplant right for me?

A candidate will require hair to transplant in order to have the best chance of success with a hair transplant. The nicer your hair is, the more likely you are to succeed. A consultation will determine whether a hair transplant is appropriate for you.


Is a hair transplant a long-term solution?

Although there are no promises that a hair transplant would endure forever, it should last a long time. Hairs from the donor location may react differently from those from the recipient site.


What is the success rate of hair transplants?

Many people are happy with their hair transplant results, but the quality of the donor hairs and other personal characteristics play a role. It’s critical to check with your surgeon to see if you’re a good candidate. The surgeon can also assist you in predicting the likely outcome. Hair follicles can be rejected in extremely unusual circumstances.


Are there any dangers?

Hair transplants, like any other type of surgery, carry some minor hazards. Bleeding and bruising are common side effects, and cysts can occur on the transplant site during healing. These problems, on the other hand, are easily addressed. It’s critical to choose a reputed surgeon for a hair transplant to ensure you’re in good hands. Before you decide to proceed with the treatment, your surgeon will discuss the potential risks with you.


What is the best way to locate a hair transplant surgeon?

To have a successful hair transplant, you must first find a trustworthy surgeon. While some websites may advertise the operation for a very low price, it is critical to select a trained and registered surgeon. You should opt for a hair transplant surgeon that can show you before and after photos of previous patients.


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