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Home Government Gujarat CM attends parade at Police Academy, Karai, on the occasion of Police Commemoration Day

Gujarat CM attends parade at Police Academy, Karai, on the occasion of Police Commemoration Day

Gujarat CM attends parade at Police Academy, Karai, on the occasion of Police Commemoration Day

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Chief Minister Shri Bhupendra Patel addressed the Police Martyrs’ Memorial Day event organized at the Police Academy in Gandhinagar, where he paid tribute to the departed police officers.


Expressing his gratitude to the police personnel who sacrifice their lives on duty, the Chief Minister added that the police personnel, who are on duty 24/7 without worrying about their families, during every festival and without regard for any occasion, are the true protectors of society.


During his address, the Chief Minister emphasized that the police force, with unwavering dedication and without concern for their own lives, diligently fulfills their duties during natural disasters and unforeseen events, always prioritizing the safety and security of society.


The CM stated that the devotion of police personnel is praiseworthy, as they not only risk their lives to save others but also faithfully uphold their duty to protect society in challenging times.


Under the visionary leadership of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi and Home Minister Shri Amit Shah, the morale of the police force has received a boost. Gujarat has become the top choice for investment today. Investors and industrialists from around the world come to Gujarat for investment because they sense the peace, security, and safety provided by our police force’s unwavering commitment, The CM emphasized.


Chief Minister Shri Bhupendra Patel also expressed his heartfelt empathy for the families of the brave martyrs of the police force, emphasizing that the state government is always with them and remains actively committed to their well-being.


The Chief Minister expressed that the memory of the sacrifices, dedication, and unwavering commitment of the courageous police personnel, who continuously uphold the legacy of peace, security, and development in Gujarat, will endure forever. He extended an invitation to everyone to join and further this cause, acknowledging the steadfast devotion of the police force in upholding these values.


Home Minister Shri Harsh Sanghavi mentioned that every year, on the 21st of October, Police Martyrs’ Memorial Day is observed across the country to perpetuate the memory of police personnel who lost their lives during the 1959 Ladakh attack.


Shri Harsh Sanghavi pointed out that our soldiers bravely protect our borders from the enemy, while the police force ensures the internal security of the nation, maintaining a safe and secure society in the face of challenges like drug abuse, addiction, terrorism, and violence.


He emphasized that even in extreme weather conditions such as scorching heat, heavy rain, and cold, the dedicated police personnel always remain on duty for traffic regulation and crime control, putting aside their concerns for their families and children.


The Minister of State for Home appealed for a supportive and encouraging attitude from society towards the police personnel.


He also delivered an inspiring message, encouraging people to pay homage to the brave martyred policemen and acknowledge the dedication of the serving soldiers and personnel on Police Martyr’s Memorial Day. When encountering the police, a salute should be offered as a sign of respect.


The Director General of Police, Shri Vikas Sahay, extended a warm welcome to all, providing a comprehensive overview of the Police Martyrs Memorial Day program.

The Chief Minister and the Minister of State for Home paid sincere homage to the fallen heroes. This event was attended by Additional Director Generals of Police, senior officers, police personnel, and the families of the martyred individuals

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