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Gujarat Chief Minister inaugurates the 29th Indian Plumbing Conference in Ahmedabad

Gujarat Chief Minister inaugurates the 29th Indian Plumbing Conference in Ahmedabad

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Chief Minister Shri Bhupendra Patel inaugurated the 29th Indian Plumbing Conference in Ahmedabad, emphasizing that, under the guidance of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, Gujarat is steadily progressing towards achieving Net Zero.


He highlighted Gujarat’s initiatives in developing green buildings and implementing a zero discharge system, aligning with the Prime Minister’s principle that views water as a divine gift to be used judiciously, urging the acceleration towards a ‘net zero water built environment.’


Expressing determination, the Chief Minister stated that the insights and conclusions drawn from the three-day conference will prove beneficial for the government. He underscored the significance of Mission LiFE, a concept introduced by the Prime Minister, encouraging the adoption of a lifestyle that conserves water, electricity, and the environment in our daily lives.


The recently inaugurated ultra-modern Diamond Bourse building in Surat, inaugurated by the Prime Minister, stands as a notable example of the zero discharge technique, as stated by the Chief Minister.


The CM further said that Under the vision and guidance of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, Gujarat has achieved significant milestones, including the implementation of a sound planning system to address climate change challenges, the success of G20, and the transformation of a small village like Dhordo into the world’s best tourism village in the desert region.


Highlighting that even developed countries are recognizing India’s capabilities and strengths, the Chief Minister emphasized that Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has demonstrated how visionary leadership can bring about substantial changes.


The Chief Minister urged builders, industrialists, and traders, emphasising that those involved in the plumbing sector share the responsibility to ensure not a single drop of water is wasted. He urged careful use of the available water resources. Avoiding the waste from a dripping tap, we can save thousands of litres of water annually.


In this context, Minister of State for Cooperation and Small and Micro Industries Shri Jagadish Vishwakarma remarked that Gujarat is currently undertaking commendable initiatives in rainwater conservation and water storage, crediting Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi for the achievements. He highlighted that during a time when the Climate Change Department was operative in only three countries globally, Shri Narendra Modi initiated a dedicated Climate Change Department in Gujarat. The Minister also pointed out that when Shri Narendra Modi took office as Prime Minister, only 14% of the country’s houses had water line connections. Under his successful leadership, most houses in Gujarat and India now have water line connections.


Under the guidance of the Chief Minister, work on interlinking lakes is in progress in Gujarat. The Minister proposed the initiation of a water plumbing course in institutes such as ITI.


All the engineers and dignitaries gathered at the National Plumbing Conference are esteemed experts in this field. I extend my best wishes to them for their unwavering efforts in conserving water and ensuring continued access to clean water for people in the future, stated the Minister.


During this event, the Chief Minister awarded B O Prasanna Kumar with the IPA Lifetime Achievement Award-2023. Additionally, the Chief Minister presented the Distinguished Partner Award to acknowledge significant contributions.

The program was attended by the Mayor of Ahmedabad Smt Pratibha Jain, National President of the Indian Plumbing Association Shri Gurmit Singh Arora, Director of HCP Dr. Bimal Patel, Chairman of IPA-Ahmedabad Shri Minesh Shah, as well as engineers, industrialists, and field experts associated with the plumbing industry.

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