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Guj CM inaugurates more than 30 mobile school buses of Signal School project in Ahmedabad

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Chief Minister Shri Bhupendra Patel started the Signal School project from Gujarat High Court in Ahmedabad, he expressed his determination to adopt and thereby take up the responsibility for the education of a poor child deprived of education. This signal school project has been started with the joint collaboration of Gujarat Government, Gujarat State Legal Services Authority and Municipal School Board of Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation.


Education will be imparted through Signal School in the morning and evening on different signals of the city. All kinds of facilities have been provided in Signal School. The signal school bus is equipped with blackboard, table and chair for teacher, LCD TV, WiFi, CCTV, drinking water, mini fan. Children will also be given other facilities provided in municipal schools, lunch, health check-ups under the school health program, and will be brought into the mainstream at a nearby school after one year.


When CM flagged off the buses prepared under this project, Justice MR Shah of the Supreme Court, Ms. Belaben Trivedi, Chief Justice of the Gujarat High Court Mr. Arvind Kumar, Senior Judge Mr. RN Chhaya, Advocate General Mr. Kamalbhai as well as Advocate General Mr. Kamalbhai, Ms. Manishaben, Minister of law Shri Rajendra Trivedi, Education Minister Shri Jitubhai Vaghani and Ahmedabad’s Mayor Shri Kiritbhai as well as other incumbents were also present. CM also called for the collective social responsibility and stressed that this social welfare project should not be limited to Ahmedabad metropolis but should be started on a large scale in the state and provide education to the poor children deprived of education.


He expressed that this approach would illuminate a ray of hope for the future of the child of a deprived, poor family. The Signal School project is started with the mantra of ‘Bhiksha nahi shiksha’ for children who have never been to school in the state for various reasons or who have dropped out of school, children who are wasting their time in the open at railway-bus stand or other public places and children begging at traffic signals.


CM’s initiative to adopt such socially oriented approach and inculcate education culture in the deprived children so as to ensure no child in the society is deprived of education and the child of needy and poor family does not have to drop out of education even in adverse circumstances shall inspire society’s affluent members and donors.


Giving details in this regard, Education Minister Shri Jitubhai Vaghani said that this education school project started under the inspiration and guidance of Chief Justice of the State High Court Justice Arvind Kumar will be an inspiration for other states of the country. He also informed that Chief Justice Shri Arvind Kumar had taken the initiative to adopt this approach during his tenure in Bangalore, Karnataka. Shri Jitubhai Vaghani added that the state government has also made successful efforts under the direction of CM for providing education facilities in the hinterland of Gujarat. The determination of the CM to adopt a child to impart education and education to a deprived child will compliment these efforts. He said that following the call of the CM, Minister of law Shri Rajendra Trivedi and Jitubhai himself are going to adopt a deprived child and facilitate his education.


On this occasion, Justice of the Supreme Court of India Shri MR Shah thanked the Government of Gujarat for its new approach of caring and sharing and said that the debt to the society is being paid through this new approach. Children who are beg on the signal, if they get education in this way, they will have a chance to come forward in the future. He added that the future of the country will also be brighter if children come forward with education. Justice Shri M.R. Shah also appealed all to adopt children begging on the signal to help them attain education and have brighter future.

On this occasion Justice of Gujarat High Court, Registrar, Deputy Mayor of Ahmedabad Geeta Ben, Municipal Commissioner Mr. Lochan Sehra, Chairman of Municipal School Board Mr. Sujoy Mehta etc., were also present.

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