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Grover Zampa Vineyards launches limited-edition handcrafted wine this holiday season!

by News Monks

Indian pioneer and the most awarded wine producer, Grover Zampa Vineyards is adding more glitter to this festive season with its brand-new wine range, SIGNET and its five varietals of red. Signet is India’s first wine range to be aged in foudres, amphoras, and concrete tanks and is one of the most premium wines of the country.

Gracefully made from hand-picked grapes grown at their vineyard, the Grover Signet epitomises their dedication to making wines that express their terroir. Sparingly made, hand-crafted, and overseen by master winemakers, very few have the privilege to take home a bottle of this exquisite wine.


Signet reveals the most delicate aromas of single-vineyards hand-picked Shiraz, estate bottled and their variation with different ageing techniques. All wines are unfiltered to retain their natural mouthfeel and represent the five maturation processes used to create the range which are the expression of their finest craftsmanship.

Signet Spectrum: This dry red wine is a blend of Shiraz, Sangiovese, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet, Franc, and Muscat with a deep cherry red colour. It’s been fermented and aged for 12 months in concrete egg-shaped tanks. The aroma is concentrated, dense in fruity fragrance with nascent of figs and bergamot. A powerful mouthfeel that comes alive with liquorice and almond notes which, on ageing, evolves into a delectable note of dusted leather and venison. The porous structure of concrete allows micro-oxygenation which helps to soften the tannins.


Signet Shiraz (Amphora): Fermented and aged for 12 months in teracotta clay Amphora, this red wine runs a deep garnet red. The porous structure of terracotta clay allows micro-oxygenation which helps to soften the tannins which gives deep and rich structure, without additional flavours. This wine offers exceptional intensity and a notable freshness that is accentuated by well-balanced roundness, velvet tannins and a rare long finish on the palate.


Signet Shiraz (2L Foudre): A well-balanced wine with soft tannins and medium body, slightly oaky finish with a sublime ending palate. Fermented for 12 months in 2000 litres French oak foudre, this wine emits the strong varietal characteristics of a Shiraz – black berry, black cherry, pepper, and tobacco.


Signet Shiraz (1L Foudre): This wine has a strong structure with powerful tannins and beautiful hints of French oak notes of cinnamon and vanilla. It leaves hints of fruit and beautiful resinous pepper on the finish. Fermented for 12 months in 1000 litres French oak foudre, this wine produces an intense aroma of oak and with ripe red fruits.


Signet Shiraz (24 months French Barriques): Matured in 225 litres French oak barrels for 24 months and 12 months in bottle, this dry red delivers rich aromas of red berry, prune, vanilla, tobacco, and hints of violet that mingle elegantly giving a leathery character and a deep level of complexity.


A reflection of passion that Grover holds for wine making, these wines will be elegantly packed in a mono carton and will be wax sealed, making it India’s most premium wine.

Speaking on introducing the Signet wine range to India, Mr. Vivek Chandramohan, Chief Executive Officer says,Coming from a long heritage of passionate wine makers, it is significant for us to elevate the rich wine drinking experience with each launch. As it is a single vineyard wine, we were able to retain the natural texture and phenolics. Grover Zampa has always been known for pushing the boundaries through innovation and Signet is, in many ways, the manifestation of that creative vision.”

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