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Governor of Maharashtra releases author Manoj Gursahani’s first book in Mumbai

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Author, business coach, and global strategist Manoj Gursahani pens his first book ‘The Human Connect’


Bhagat Singh Koshyari, Governor of Maharashtra launched the serial entrepreneur’s book in Mumbai today


On January 23, 2023, author, business coach, and global strategist Manoj Gursahani’s first book ‘The Human Connect’ was launched by Bhagat Singh Koshyari, Governor of Maharashtra in Mumbai. Written over a span of three years, ‘The Human Connect’ is a handbook about the secrets of effective networking drawn from the author’s vast and diverse experience across the global business landscape.


Manoj, who also consults various corporates on mergers and acquisitions across the world, says, “This is not a laborious read but relevant to current times where less is more. It has easy-to-follow, relatable, practical tips and anecdotes that will resonate with you and offer guidance that I wish someone had extended to me when I was just starting out. I hope that it will help every reader who picks it up to have deeper personal and professional relationships, create the blueprint of a successful, inspired, enriched life and build a thriving business.”


Acclaimed director Raju Hirani says, “I feel Manoj completely personifies the name of this book as he effortlessly forges strong connections with every person he meets. He radiates the energy of a highly trustworthy, good human being. I think he is the perfect person to write a book on human connections, which is something all of us need to find happiness in this universe.”

Manoj who is also a co-founder of Aiseon Healthcare Technologies and managing trustee at the Indian Relief Foundation, an NGO focussing on providing healthcare for marginalized communities, adds, “The book is my way of reaching out to young Indians who are completely overwhelmed by technology and social media and have lost an organic connection with the world. I wanted to remind them of the beauty of synergy over competitiveness and was inspired to change the lens of transactional networking which is a western concept. This book expands on the idea of ‘Giving’, which is another form of receiving and can be more fulfilling than just doing something for someone with a vested interest.”


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