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Go Mechanic’s 6 hours service took 16 + Days for Ahmedabad Car Owner

by News Monks

In today’s Digital India, Many Online service provider are helping customers for their day to day needs. However customer centric approach is one of the key to get success. GoMechanic.in is one of such brand where quick and high quality car service are claimed by the provider.

However the things went wrong with one of the Ahmedabad based customer . The customer whose service Order ID 20220627919366545 with Go Mechanic, sent car with good faith on 27th June. Its mentioned on app that it will be 6 hours service and the car is not yet properly serviced and delivered till July 16th, almost after 20 days !!!

During service it was informed that CNG is not working and their assigned account manager also agreed to do remaining service and called up for some add on worth 4500 on billing. But after the service on day one where it mentioned all part is check and working fine, car’s break was not working and facing starting trouble by customer.

Customer contacted GoMechanic and asked to check the car based on report they shared, they took the car and after few days on customer’s follow up their team mentioned that CNG tank has some leakage. Customer surprised to hear it as since 1 year he never used CNG as the switch was not available in car or with company and company also confirmed it via service history. Also in first service its mentioned by their team that everything is fine and functional. Also car not taken out from the basement since it came back from service and it was under video surveillance of society camera.

Customer notify the sae on social media to GoMechanic team, approach customer care and got very rude reply which says you can tow the car yourself from the service centre. ( Screen shot shared by customer)

As till now customer not get his vehicle back, also in 2nd round he asked to pay for more amount and car petrol cost for test drive, for which he agreed.  After constant follow up customer hired legal advisor to move legal with go-mechanic now, they will be sending notice and filing case at Ahmedabad consumer court to demand justice.  During the rain they also face trouble due to unavailability of the vehicle.

Customer said they demand strong policy against such cyber companies like GoMechanic.in who seems to cheats Indian customer like us even after paying very high charges for service. Customer is also planing to start a social media awareness campaign with hashtag #GoMechanicCheats with activist and NGO network to spread awareness. Customer will be also planing to share detailed press release with details in coming week with all media houses for awareness.

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