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Girl Adamant To Marry A Friend With A Homosexual Relationship

by News Monks

Friendship on social media, Rajasthan Police arrested Katni’s girl, and said to the girl – marry me or else you will have to pay ten lakh rupees




Harvest. Rajasthan’s Ladnun police on Sunday arrested a 32-year-old girl from Katni for forcing marriage on her old friend. A 28-year-old teacher working in Nimbijodha had complained to the Ladnun police in this regard. After this, the Rajasthan Police arrested the accused girl. The accused girl is talking about having a homosexual relationship with her friend and getting married.



The victim has said in her police report that the accused girl is a resident of Katni. She came to his house on Saturday night and started pressurizing him to move in together. She was also blackmailing him in the name of defaming him. Not only this, she was pressurizing him to do gay marriage. She was also threatened with dire consequences if she did not agree to marry him. On this complaint, the Ladnun police registered a case and arrested the accused girl.



The victim also told the police in the report that their friendship was done through a social site. The said girl pressured him to have a homosexual relationship with him. She is demanding 10 lakh rupees for not obeying her and now not doing gay marriage. She said that she has already sent him Rs 1.10 lakh.



Then the family banned

The family members of the teacher came to know about the matter a month and a half ago. The teacher had taken a room in Nimbijodha. Both used to meet here. The accused girl used to visit him in Nimbijodha several times a week. When the family came to know about this, they switched off the mobile numbers of the teacher.



ruckus in the police station

The accused girl created a ruckus at Ladnun police station on Saturday night. She was adamant about getting married and living together. He also submitted a report to the police seeking protection. On this, the police asked him for proof.



Both were in contact for two years

It is said that both girls were in contact for two years. The two became friends on social media. The friendship was so deep that the girl of Katni started seeing the teacher as a homosexual wife. She also went to visit Jaipur.


In this regard, Rajasthan’s Ladnun police station in-charge Surendra Singh said that the accused girl has been arrested and sent to judicial custody. the matter is being investigated.

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