Home News From Punishing the contestants to giving them a chance to change their connection, the day was full of drama!!

From Punishing the contestants to giving them a chance to change their connection, the day was full of drama!!

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After Over-the-top Sunday Ka Vaar! Here we are, halfway through towards the end of the show.  The entertainment and craziness don’t seem to take a backseat at Bigg Boss OTT house. From Punishing the contestants for disappointing the audience to buzzer task to nominations, Day 21 of Bigg Boss OTT witnessed all the Over-the-Top drama!


The day started with contestants getting punishment! Bigg Boss announced that contestants are not allowed to use the gym and gas supply only for 2 hours a day.

Well, the day got more interesting when the buzzer task was assigned by Bigg Boss to break the existing connections and form new ones yet again. Divya Agarwal once again didn’t have the connection and she had an added advantage to save herself from nominations and convince the boys to form a connection with her, however, the connections decided to go ahead and not change their connections. Poor Divya! Bigg Boss announced that since no one picked her she has been straight nominated this week.


On the other side, the nomination for this week has started with an interesting twist. One housemate from the connection will be saved and will get the bonus of reading a letter sent by their family members and others will be getting nominated and will have to let go of the letter.

The decision was truly difficult, but the connections did well. Nishant and Moose made their decision; Moose reads the letter and is saved from the nominations and Nishant got nominated. Give it to Nishant Bhat for making a huge sacrifice for his connection.


Wherein, Millind and Akshara both decided to let go of the letter together and both got nominated! And Shamita tore the letter and saved Raqesh from nominations.


Looks like love is blooming in the house of Bigg Boss OTT.


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