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For the comprehensive betterment of women, PM Shri Narendra Modi focuses on education, health, and safety: CM Shri Bhupendra Patel

For the comprehensive betterment of women, PM Shri Narendra Modi focuses on education, health, and safety: CM Shri Bhupendra Patel

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The Chief Minister emphasized that the progress of a place is certain where the respect, honor, and dignity of women are preserved, which is why Gujarat is a leader in various fields today. Women in Gujarat are also bringing glory to the state and the country. In an event held at GNLU-Gandhinagar, CM Shri Bhupendra Patel distributed uniforms to the sisters working at Anganwadis under the Women and Child Development Department.


Additionally, he launched 42 rescue vans for the “181 Abhayam Mahila Helpline.” During the event, the Chief Minister unveiled several publications, including a booklet detailing 332 schemes for women, a millet recipe book named ‘Shri Anna,’ and the State Gender Index Report. Furthermore, he also inaugurated short films titled “Saksham Naari” and “Satarkta,” which focus on women’s empowerment.


The CM highlighted that Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, during his tenure as the CM of Gujarat, initiated an important chapter for women empowerment. He established a dedicated department to address women’s and children’s welfare. From the birth of a daughter to her old age, the PM has launched numerous welfare schemes aimed at easing the challenges women face throughout their lives. These schemes continue to bring substantial benefits to women across the state today.


The CM conveyed that Team Gujarat has made significant progress in advancing the PM’s vision of women empowerment. In addition to excelling in women and child welfare, Gujarat has made exemplary achievements in various sectors. As a result, Gujarat has become the driving force behind the nation’s development. Today, essential amenities such as businesses, employment opportunities, healthcare, and education are accessible in every corner of Gujarat, including the smallest villages. Even the most remote villages now have multi-specialty hospitals, ensuring that necessary medical services are readily available to the people who need them.


In times of crisis within families, women often bear the brunt of the challenges. The Chief Minister highlighted that to address these issues, the Prime Minister has prioritized education, health, and security. Education plays a vital role in empowering women, enabling them to achieve financial independence. Additionally, the PMJAY-MA scheme, initiated under the Prime Minister’s guidance, has eased the financial burden on many families in the state, particularly in terms of healthcare.


Discussing women’s safety in the state, the CM emphasized that Gujarat leads the nation in ensuring the safety of women. He exemplified this with Navratri, where women can confidently participate in late-night garba festivities or venture out alone at night, thanks to the secure environment established in Gujarat. This safety is a result of meticulous planning and measures taken in the state, the credit for which goes to PM Shri Narendra Modi.


Speaking on the strength of women, Minister for Women and Child Welfare, Smt. Bhanubhan Babaria highlighted that when we delve into the history of Indian culture, we can accurately estimate that the vitality that nurtures India with the sacrifice of numerous martyrs and transforms it into a sacred land is the “Naari Shakti.” Today, there isn’t a single domain where the potential of women is not evident.


During the distribution of uniforms to 53,000 Tedaghar sisters of Anganwadi, the Minister expressed that these Anganwadi sisters embrace all children with a motherly touch and care. She mentioned that the “Mata Yashoda Award” was initiated during the tenure of CM Shri Narendra Modi in Gujarat to honor the outstanding dedication of these Tedaghar sisters. The state government is deeply committed to the welfare and professional growth of the women in the state, which is evident through the implementation of numerous women-centric programs and initiatives.


The Minister highlighted the Nari Vandan Bill and informed that under the leadership of PM Shri Narendra Modi, the Women’s Salutation Bill was enacted to promote gender equality. This historic legislation mandates a 33 percent reservation for women in both the Parliament and Legislative Assembly, providing women with significant representation in the political sphere. This move will empower women to contribute to the welfare of their families, the state, and the nation through their political participation. The Minister also emphasized the positive impact of the Abhayam Mahila Helpline 181, which has made girls and women across the state feel secure and fearless.

Gandhinagar District Panchayat President Smt. Shilpaben Patel, MLA Smt. Ritaben Patel, and Women and Child Development Department Secretary Shri K. K. Nirala, among other dignitaries, attended the event.

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