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Final countdown housemates embrace emotions amidst turmoil in COLORS’ ‘BIGG BOSS’

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In tonigh’s episode, a small argument ensues between Abhishek Kumar and Munawar Faruqui over the duty of washing utensils, adding a tinge of tension to the house just four days before the final race of COLORS BIGG BOSS; However, as the event unfolds, BIGG BOSS surprises the contestants with a special night featuring an audience and personalized video tapes showcasing their entire journey in the BIGG BOSS house. The housemates are left in shock and awe and their emotions are stirred as they witness their respective journey videos. The first spotlight is on Ankita, with BIGG BOSS acknowledging the big space in her heart for relationships and praising her journey as interesting and pure. Moved by the video, Ankita emotionally says that TV is like her maternal home and expresses her gratitude for the unparalleled love she has received from this platform and thanks the audience for always supporting her. Amidst the emotional revelations, the question lingers: will the minor spat between Abhishek and Munawar over a seemingly trivial issue harm their friendship in the crucial final stage of the game?

Later in the episode, BIGG BOSS reflects on Abhishek’s journey, as he emphasizes by saying to him being the only contestant playing independently, without relying on support from fellow housemates. Fearless in the face of obstacles, he has written his journey. Despite numerous conflicts and arguments, he never gave up. Upon seeing the video and love from the audience, he says, " I have penned my journey; whether someone likes me or not, this is who I am, and this is who I will be." After the emotional journey of contestants witnessing their paths, the question is Who will win the trophy, and who will bid farewell to the Bigg Boss house after coming so far?

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