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Filming action-packed scenes with real gun always excite me” Gautam Singh Vig on shooting for COLORS’ Junooniyatt

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Immersing viewers in an interesting blend of love, music, and unyielding ambition, COLORS’ popular show ‘Junooniyatt’ has taken the audience on an unforgettable journey. Anchored by the compelling performances of Ankit Gupta as Jahaan, Gautam Singh Vig as Jordan, and Neha Rana as Elahi, the show has woven a tale of intricate emotions.


In the current story track, Elahi wants Jordan to divorce her, but he refuses by tearing up the divorce papers. Elahi doesn’t know that it is a result of a secret deal struck between Jordan and Jahaan. As the tension between Jordan and Jahaan rises, their rivalry leads to Jordan pointing a revolver at Jahaan. Bringing this action-packed sequence to life demanded an understanding of how to handle a real revolver and training behind the scenes. To ensure an authentic portrayal, Gautam left no stone unturned. Not the one to back down when it comes to dedication, the actor familiarised himself with the weapon so that he looks natural wielding it onscreen.


Talking about the gun sequence, Gautam Singh Vig says, “I’ve always been a big fan of the action genre and love shooting on-screen gunfire sequences. I’m so glad that Junooniyatt brought the opportunity to enliven an action and drama-packed scene. As an actor, it was a test to infuse this intense scene with authenticity, making sure that the revolver in my hand was more than just a mere prop. I think the viewers are very intelligent and they can sense the ease or the tension in our body language. Hence, we opted for a real revolver, ensuring safety precautions were paramount for our entire team. Moreover, operating a revolver isn’t a walk in the park—it’s a challenge that’s equally rewarding and enjoyable. We all had so much fun shooting this interesting scene. Thankfully, I had done some target practice earlier so that experience came to use here.”


Keep watching the heartfelt tale of music, love, emotions, and passion, ‘Junooniyatt’, every Monday to Friday at 9:00 PM only on COLORS!


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