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Home News Every kid has to play sports like a professional athlete until he’s 15-16 years of age, says Dr. Gopichand at HPS Annual Sports Day

Every kid has to play sports like a professional athlete until he’s 15-16 years of age, says Dr. Gopichand at HPS Annual Sports Day

Every kid has to play sports like a professional athlete until he's 15-16 years of age, says Dr. Gopichand at HPS Annual Sports Day

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The Hyderabad Public School, Begumpet, presented a spectacle of sporting talent and grandeur at its Annual Sports Day at the prestigious Basalath Jah Stadium. This event in the centennial year of the school, unfolded as an unrivalled spectacle of athleticism and spirit.




The day’s festivities commenced with the arrival of the esteemed Chief Guest, Dr. Pullela Gopichand, a luminary in the world of badminton and the Chief National Coach of the India National Badminton Team. He received a warm welcome by the Board of Governors, Principal Dr. Skand Bali, and Vice Principal Mrs. Amritha Chandra Raju. Adding a touch of flair, two impeccably dressed student pilots from Class 10 escorted the Chief Guest. Mr. Gusti J Noria, President, HPS Society, Mr. Faiz Khan, Vice President, HPS Society, among other luminaries from the management also graced the occasion.




Dr. Pullela Gopichand unfurled the school flag and ignited the Meet Flame, which was then passed on to the school Games Captains, Siddharth Vangala and Rashmika Velugubanti and this symbolic flame, representing the essence of sportsmanship, marked the official commencement of the day’s exhilarating competitions. The Sports Meet was declared open, post the oath-taking ceremony and the hoisting of flags. The release of balloons, each in the vibrant colours of the four houses of HPS Begumpet – Taxila, Nagarjuna, Vijayanagar and Nalanda, painted the sky to commemorate the school’s most significant event. The day truly unfolded with the spectacular march past by all four Houses, led by the Head Boy and the Head Girl. An electrifying equestrian display featured the cantering, trotting, and galloping of horses. The show jumping event showcased the stamina, speed, and bond between horse and rider and elevated the event to new heights.




Congratulating the students and the school, Dr. Pullela Gopichand said, “The Hyderabad Public School, Begumpet is endowed with an incredible leadership structure. It’s great to see the school management supporting and promoting sports so extensively. This Annual Sports event is a testament of the parents, teachers, and the school’s belief in the power of sports. I hope HPS supporting the sports infrastructure grows to be an example for other schools too. Every kid has to play sports like a professional athlete until he’s 15-16 years of age and HPS is spearheading this tradition.”




The Principal, Dr. Skand Bali presented an impressive Sports Report, commending the achievements of students throughout the year. Presenting the annual sports report, he said, “Our students have strengthened the school’s position as an emerging talent in sports. I extend my heartfelt congratulations to our students, school sports teachers and coaches for our achievements throughout the year. Various wins across tournaments like CISCE and National Badminton Tournaments show the fervour with which The Hyderabad Public School has performed in sports in its Centenary year.”




The track and field events for junior, intermediate, and senior categories followed, interspersed with four captivating Drill Displays.




The HPS Centennial Fusion was a themed drill dance performance that celebrated HPS’s century of academic and athletic excellence, its rich legacy and adaptive evolution over hundred years, focusing on the significant milestones of 2023, including the Chandrayaan mission and an Oscar-winning song, ‘Nattu Nattu’ from the movie RRR.




A unique display combining Yoga, Rope Malkhamb, involving aerial yoga and wrestling grips on a vertical pole and Silambham, an ancient Tamil martial art that enhances coordination and brain-body connection, was presented by 120 talented students. They creatively made a formation of ‘HPS at 100’ to celebrate the hundred years of glory of the school.




As the day progressed, the athletes gathered for the much-anticipated Prize Distribution ceremony. The Principal, Dr. Skand Bali, presented a memento to the Chief Guest as a gesture of appreciation and gratitude.

The coveted Best All-round Trophy was awarded to the Taxila House. The culmination of this grand event was the formal retreat, with a closing March Past marking the end of the Annual Sports Day and symbolizing the continuation of tradition.



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