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Eugenix Hair Sciences, pioneers of the Direct Hair Transplant technique and among the best 5 hair restoration centers in the world, announced the completion of 13 years of providing unparalleled hair transplant services. The feat was celebrated on the 13th of February, when Drs Pradeep Sethi and Arika Bansal, chief hair restoration surgeon and Founders at Eugenix, organized the get-together and announced the launch of their first international center in Dubai.

The event was held at Eugenix Farms, Pushpanjali, and attended by well-known names from the industry- Dr Anil Jain –Member of Rajya Sabha BJP, Mohammad Azharuddin – Indian politician and a former international cricketer, Dr Ajay Sharma – CMD, Eye Q Hospitals , Rajat Goyal – CEO & M.D., Eye-Q Super specialty Eye Hospitals, Anjali Hooda – MD internal medicine from the USA and a Functional Medicine Practitioner in India certified by IFM, Kitty Karla – celebrity fitness trainer, Lalit Agarwal – MD, Vmart, among doctors, lawyers and entrepreneurs. Dr Sandesh Mayekar, known as the father of Aesthetic Dentistry in India, was the guest of honor.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Pradeep Sethi, Co-founder, and Chief Hair Restoration Surgeon, Eugenix Hair Sciences, said, “For the past 13 years, we have been performing high quality and undetectable hair transplants that leave our patients delighted and highly satisfied. In fact, with the advent of DHT in India, the world has started to come to us for unmatched quality and high satisfaction. To make it convenient for our international patients, we will soon expand to the USA, UK, Australia, and open consultation offices in China.”

“DHT has transformed the hair restoration industry, and it has emerged as the undisputed choice of procedure for a hair transplant because it is minimally invasive and results in a completely natural look,” Said Dr Arika Bansal, Co-founder and Chief Hair Restoration Surgeon, Eugenix Hair Sciences, “For long, elite Indians who wanted the best hair transplant and were uncompromising on quality, went abroad.” She continued. “But now, the best hair transplants the world has to offer is right here, in our backyard.”

The brand has been growing aggressively to meet the growing demand for flawless and undetectable hair transplants. The brand is also popular with medical tourists who come to India for affordable and high-quality treatments, and up to 40% of its patients are from overseas. To make it convenient for them, Eugenix will open its clinics in multiple locations in the USA, UK, and Australia, and its consultation offices in Russia and China in the next 2-to 3 years.

Today, Eugenix Hair Sciences is highly endorsed by popular patient forums across the globe; Hair Transplant Network (USA), American Hair Loss Association, Hair Transplant Mentor (Canada), Hair Loss Experiences (UK), Belli Capelli (Italy), German and French forums.


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