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English rendering of PM’s address to Release Benefits Under PM CARES for Children Scheme

by News Monks

Namaskar! Present in the program are Women and Child Development Minister Smt. Smriti Irani ji, all the cabinet members across the country, the senior citizens present with them, and especially dear children for whom this event is organized today, all respected Chief Ministers, other dignitaries and dear countrymen!


Today I am talking to you not as the Prime Minister, but as a member of your family. I am very relieved to be among the children today.




Life sometimes puts us in unexpected situations. All of a sudden darkness descends and everything changes in our happy existence. Corona has done something similar in the lives of many people and families. I know how difficult this change is in the lives of those who have lost their loved ones due to Corona. Every day’s struggles, moment-to-moment struggles, new challenges and every day’s hardships! It is difficult to put into words the pain of the children who are with us today, for whom this program has been organized. We are left with only a few memories of those who are gone. But those who survive are faced with a multitude of challenges. In such challenging times, the PM Cares for Children is a small effort to mitigate the difficulties of such Corona-affected children, whose parents are no more.




The PM Cares for Children is also a reflection of the fact that every countryman is with you with utmost sensitivity. I am satisfied that their admission has been done in government or private schools near their homes for their proper and uninterrupted education. The expenses of copies, books and uniforms of such children will also be borne through the PM Cares. If someone needs an education loan for professional courses or for higher education, then PM Cares will help in that too. Monthly arrangement of Rs. 4,000 has also been made for their other daily needs through other schemes.




When such children complete their schooling, then more money will be needed for future dreams. For this, youth from 18 to 23 years will get stipend every month. And when you turn 23 years, you will also get 10 lakh rupees.




Another major concern is related to health. Money is needed for the treatment in the event of any disease. But, no child or his guardians need to worry about that either. Ayushman Health Card is also being given to you through the PM Cares for Children. With this card, you will also get free facility of treatment up to Rs. 5 lakhs.




Amidst all these efforts, we realize that at times children may also need emotional support and mental guidance. Though there are elders in the family, the government has tried to make an effort. A special ‘Samvad’ service has also been started in this regard. Children can consult and discuss with experts on psychological matters on the ‘Samvad Helpline’.




The entire humanity has suffered the severity of the Corona global pandemic. There is hardly any corner of the world where this greatest tragedy of the century has not inflicted unforgettable wounds! I salute all of you for the courage with which you have faced this crisis. The sympathy of the nation is with you and at the same time the entire nation is with you to fulfill your dreams. One more thing I would like to add is that no effort or help can replace the affection of your parents. But, in the absence of your father and your mother, Maa Bharati is with all of you in this hour of crisis. The country is trying to discharge this responsibility through the PM Cares for Children. And, these efforts are not merely the efforts of any one individual, institution or government. Crores of our countrymen have put in their hard earned money in the PM Cares. You can recall the examples of service and sacrifice! Someone donated his entire life’s earnings, while somebody else put his entire savings meant for his dreams in this fund. This fund helped a lot in developing hospitals, buying ventilators and setting up oxygen plants during the Corona period helping save many lives and the future of many families. Today this fund is being used for the children of all those who left us untimely, for the future of all of you.




There is a long journey ahead in your life. All of you are facing this situation in life with great courage. All the great people in our country or in the world have also faced difficulties at some point in their life. But they did not give up and reached the pinnacle of success. They never allowed defeat to turn into desperation. This mantra of victory will guide and help you a lot in your life and you never have to forget it. You always have to keep one more thing in mind that now you have only your family and teachers to tell the difference between good and bad, right and wrong. Therefore, it is your responsibility to listen to them and follow them. Good books can also be your trusted friend during such crises. Good books not only entertain but also guide you. I will give you one more piece of advice.




Treatment is needed when illness strikes. But life should be about health and not treatment. Today Fit India and Khelo India campaigns are going on in the country for children. You should join and lead all these campaigns. Yoga Day will also follow after a few days. It is very important that yoga should also be a part of your life along with your studies.




A ray of light is definitely visible if we believe in ourselves even in the midst of the biggest atmosphere of despair. Our country itself is the biggest example of this. We are currently celebrating the Amrit Mahotsav of our freedom. What was our greatest strength during hundreds of years of servitude, in our long struggle for freedom? Our strength was our habit of never giving up! Our strength was our values ​​of thinking and living for the country and humanity by rising above our vested interests! We are moving ahead with this spirit in the ongoing Amrit Mahotsav of freedom. This spirit has helped the country in such a huge fight against Corona and has set an example in front of the world. You see, no one in the world knew about the Corona virus properly two-and-a-half years ago. Everyone was looking forward to the major countries of the world. No one was ready to talk positively about India. Rather, people were looking at India with great apprehension given the history of devastation during such situations. But India relied on its strength even in the midst of an atmosphere of negativity. We trusted our scientists, doctors and youth. And, we emerged as a ray of hope and not a concern for the world. We did not become the problem, rather we provided solutions. We sent medicines and vaccines to countries around the world. We provided vaccines to every citizen even in such a big country. Today, about 200 crore vaccine doses have been administered in the country. In the midst of this disaster, we also started a resolution of ‘AatmaNirbhar Bharat’ and today this resolution is rapidly moving towards accomplishment. Today we have become one of the fastest growing global economies after coming out of the ill effects of Corona. The world is looking at us today with a new hope and confidence.




At a time when our government is completing its eight years, the confidence of the country and the countrymen in themselves is also unprecedented. The country, which was trapped in the vicious circle of corruption, scams worth thousands of crores, nepotism, terrorist organizations spreading across the country and regional discrimination before 2014, is now emerging. This is also an example for all the children that even the toughest days pass. India is now developing at a fast pace following the mantra of ‘Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas, Sabka Vishwas, Sabka Prayas’. Be it the Swachh Bharat Mission, Jan Dhan Yojana, Ujjwala Yojana or Har Ghar Jal Abhiyan, the last eight years has been dedicated to the service and welfare of the poor. As a member of a family, we have tried to mitigate the problems of the poor and make their life easier. Nothing was spared to ensure what could proactively be done for the countrymen. When the earlier governments used to be nervous in using technology and the people were also not used to it, our government has ensured the rights of the poor by increasingly using the same technology. Now the poorest of the poor are confident that they will continue to get the benefit of the government’s schemes. Our government is now running a campaign of 100 percent empowerment to build up this trust. One of the top priorities of our government is that no poor should be left out of the benefits of government schemes and every poor should get their due.

Nobody could imagine earlier the stature that India has attained in the last eight years. Today, India’s honour has improved in the world and its power has increased in the global forums. And I am glad that youth power is leading this journey of India. I am sure that all of you, our children and youth, will show the way to the country and the world with this courage and human sensitivity. Keep moving forward like this with a resolution, prepare to dedicate life to the resolution and your dreams will be realized for sure. Wherever you want to reach, no power in the world can stop you. If you have the passion, the determination within you and the potential to fulfill the resolution, then you never need to stop. As I said in the beginning, I am speaking to you as a family member. Today, I want to bless you as a family member. I do not know whether I have any right to give blessings or not, but I can see the potential in you. And, therefore, I’m giving blessings. May you go a long way, I wish you the very best. Thanks a lot!



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