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Dramatic twist unfolds as COLORS’ ‘Udaariyaan’ welcomes Gautam Singh Vig as Jordan

Dramatic twist unfolds as COLORS' ‘Udaariyaan’ welcomes Gautam Singh Vig as Jordan

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COLORS’ ‘Udaariyaan’ is still keeping viewers entertained with the story of Alia (portrayed by Alisha Parveen), Armaan (brought to life by Anurag Chahal), and Aasmaa (played by Aditi Bhagat), interwoven in a love triangle. Popular actor Gautam Singh Vig will step aboard the romantic drama in a cameo, reprising the role of Jordan from ‘Junooniyatt’. In the current storyline, Armaan and Aasmaa must overcome challenges orchestrated by Alia. Moreover, the sudden death of Kabir – Aasmaa’s friend raises a lot of questions just when Jordan enters the lives of Armaan and Aasmaa to create a rift between them. Will the couple rise above these hurdles?


Talking about his cameo in Udaariyaan, Gautam Singh Vig says, “Joining the cast of this popular show ‘Udaariyaan’ is a true blessing. I have had the privilege of being part of Ravie Dubey and Sargun Mehta’s vision through Junooniyatt. Being part their another popular television project ‘Udaariyaan’ just shows me the extent of their passion to entertain the audiences. I’m excited to contribute to Udaariyaan’s storyline especially because the romantic drama has been capturing the hearts of the viewers since the time it started. In this special week, I will be seen as Jordan. The best part of joining this show is that I get to essay a character the audiences have loved immensely. My entry promises to shake up the dynamics of the plot, bringing a twist to the lives of Aasmaa and Armaan.”

Watch ‘Udaariyaan’ from Monday to Sunday at 7:00 pm only on COLORS!



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