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DoT issues public advisory on malicious calls

DoT issues public advisory on malicious calls

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Department of Telecommunications (DoT) is the nodal agency for formulating policies, programs, and regulatory frameworks for the telecommunications sector in India, committed to ensuring the security and well-being of citizens, the DoT strives to provide reliable and secure communication services across the nation.


DoT is alerting citizens about a surge in malicious calls claiming that mobile numbers will be disconnected within two hours by the DoT. These calls are fraudulent attempts to deceive and potentially exploit individuals.


Key Information:


The DoT does not make calls to citizens threatening disconnection.

Citizens are urged to exercise caution and not provide any personal information if they receive such calls.

Precautions Advised by the DoT:


Verification: Do not share any personal information if you receive a call threatening disconnection. Verify the authenticity of such calls with your service providers.

Stay Informed: Be aware that the DoT does not communicate disconnection warnings via phone calls. Any such call should be treated as suspicious.

Report Incidents: Report any suspicious calls at the National Cyber Crime Reporting Portal https://cybercrime.gov.in.

The DoT emphasizes the importance of staying vigilant, verifying information, and promptly reporting any suspicious activity. The Department is working closely with law enforcement agencies to address these fraudulent calls and protect citizens from potential exploitation

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