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Discretion is indispensable as friendship is a relationship built on personal choice

by News Monks

Human beings are connected with many relationships at birth, but those relationships are not connected with the will or choice, all the relationships such as with parents, siblings, relatives are not self-made but heaven-made. It is possible for a person to like it or not, but because of our blood bonding, we have to maintain those relations. It is understandable that such a relationship may be difficult to maintain or there may be a desire to break up. But a relationship of friendship is a special relationship that a person builds voluntarily and with great understanding and choice. So in my view, this relationship should be long lasting maintained automatically for life, without any special effort.

I think this relationship is essential to make life incredibly exciting, enjoyable, heavenly. To understand the depth of friendship one has to understand friendship and some things connected with it like what do you meant by friendship? What is the need of friendship in life? How to make friends? Etc. Friendship is a heart-to-heart relationship, a soul-to-soul relationship, in which there is a desire to sacrifice everything for a friend. A friend we need in happiness as well as sorrow. Friendship is the cornerstone of life as any difficulty in life which often cannot be shared openly with one’s own people (blood relatives) can shared very easily with a friend. Also, having a discussion with a friend or by sharing one can get some ease or comfort even if it may not get solution. There are many things in life that can only be shared with a friend.

If someone asks me how to celebrate “Friendship Day”, my thinking is a little different. As a professor, I have taught college students over the years that Friendship Day should be celebrated in a special way, not just for fun, but as a way to make friends with saddened people who are separated from society and try to cheer a smile on their face at least once a year which in my view is called a true friendship celebration. For example, go to an orphanage and play games with orphaned children, gift toys or sweets for them, in the same way go to an old age home and give warmth and comfort to the elders as the elders always want to spend some time with love ones which can be done at-least on this special day. In addition, on the day of Friendship, the work of bringing smiles on the faces of the tired and miserable people who have lost their charm of lives by visiting some organizations like blind help care organization or handicap association can be done.

Friendship is not limited to some parameters like age etc. Friendships can happen with anyone. The best feeling of the heart is always reaching the other heart (without looking at the age trap). Moreover, it is not at all necessary for human beings to be friends only with human beings. You can also do friendship with animals, birds, plants, flowers, trees, etc. The decision to plant at least one tree on each Friendship Day can be taken which is called real celebration of friendship day. In addition to friendship with trees, feeding to cows, dogs, pigeons, etc. can also be done on Friendship Day to cultivate friendship with all these creatures. If a special day like Friendship Day can bring a smile and satisfaction even on the face of a single creature, I think Friendship Day is truly celebrated. Because the more friends in life, the more life is worth living and enjoying. From that point of view, it seems inevitable to cultivate friendship with the entire being.

Friendship Day is generally celebrated by tying the different types of colorful friendship belt on the wrist of friend. In my view, this belt is probably tied so that the friendship becomes ever lasting and the two individuals are always bound in the bond of love. Building friendships is the easiest job but maintaining friendships is the hardest job. When two people become completely selfless and maintain friendship with each other, special effort is not required to maintain friendship. The misfortune of today’s age is that we use and throw relations for personal gain and usually build friendly relations for selfish goal that is why the heavenly bliss that should be derived from a friendship cannot achieved.

The best example of friendship is children, who maintain a very pure, holy and selfless friendship and perhaps that is why childhood friendships last a lifetime. All of us will have the experience that the friendship of childhood gives tremendous pleasure that cannot achieved by the friendship that is built by adulthood. Days like Friendship Day explain to us how important two people are to each other. Instead of befriending those with whom you feel comfortable, you should do so with someone who acts as an accelerator in your progress, that is, guides us in the right direction.

50% of what our life actually is depends on our instincts, temperament and nature while 50% depends on what kind of friends we choose. If you want to know how a person is actually internally, you have to know his friends by which you can get the true picture of a person. A friend should always be an inspiration who leads you to good deeds and morals. When the whole world is seen in one person, understand that he is a true friend. In his presence no other relationship is remembered, no sorrow of life is felt, even if there is full of grief in life, it is forgotten during the meeting with him. A single friend who understands your tears is enough in life than the million friends who only understand your smile

Friendship Day was first started in 1930 by Joyce Hall, the founder of Hallmark Cards, as a marketing gimmick to sell more of his cards. Gradually, almost every country adopted this “Day” and now “International Friendship Day” is celebrated which shows the importance of friendship in life. This day is celebrated on the first Sunday of August every year. This day is celebrated to celebrate a special bond between two people. Humans are social animals who need constant love, affection warmth and support system that is always available through a true friend.

On the special day of “Friendship Day” the foundation of friendship like Krishna-SUDAMA can be laid as who else can be the best friend than God. Whatever understanding or knowledge we have should be used to connect with the Lord as a friend. The result of knowledge is not money but attachment with God. If you want to make friends, make friendship with God because only God is the selfless friend of every creature. After befriending God, there is no need for another friend in life. And for god, if you go ahead only twenty steps, the Lord will come closer twenty miles to you. The Lord does not see the clothes of one whose heart is white, whose heart is as pure as river GANGA, even if person is poor, God makes him his friend which is understood through the story of SUDAMACHARITRA. The Lord puts the one whom He makes a friend on the pinnacle of success rapidly, eliminates all the sorrows of life. It is well known that ARJUNA won the battle of life by making Lord Krishna his friend. So, on the occasion of today’s “Friendship Day”, we must make friendship with God or any element of God’s creation and if we unselfishly connect with any form of God, then the celebration of this special day is said to be meaningful. From a scientific point of view, God means power (divine energy) and eternal existence. We all know that the attainment of power becomes instinctive by connecting with existence and happiness, peace, success, affection and prosperity in life come automatically through that power or energy. So let’s celebrate Friendship Day with such a deep scientific understanding and make life meaningful.

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