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COLORS’ Spy Bahu’s SanaSayyad and Sehban Azim visit Ahmedabad

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Love is a beautiful emotion, and it is said that you find it in the most unusual places. It has the power to cast a spell on your heart and transport you to another realm that is beautiful and romantic. But what happens when a love story between two people is conceived out of deception and mired in secrets! Marking the dawn of a breath-taking love story, COLORS recently launched a unique romantic drama, ‘Spy Bahu’. Set in the vibrant city of Jamnagar, Gujarat, the show follows the journey of a spy, Sejal (played by Sana Sayyad) who sets out on a mission to uncover a suspected terrorist Yohan Nanda (played by Sehban Azim) but ends up falling in love with him. Just like any other couple, Sejal and Yohan are head over heels in love with each other. But at the same time, they both are harbouring secrets and are about to take a risk that will make or break their relationship. Spy Bahu premiered on 14th March 2022 and airs every Monday -Friday at 9:00 pm, only on COLORS

Speaking about the show and visiting Ahmedabad, Sana Sayyad said, “The amazing vibe of Ahmedabad hits you as soon as you step foot in this city! I have thoroughly enjoyed the mouth-watering delicacies that this city is famous for, and I’m really excited to see what this tour has in store for us. Sejal’s character is a typical Gujarati girl, wearing vibrant clothes, confident, speaking in Gujarati accent. I wish to interact with the people of this city to learn more about the culture. I am sure that our visit will be an enlightening experience for both me and Sehban.”

Sharing his thoughts,Sehban Azim said, “I am visiting Ahmedabad for the first time and I am quite floored by the charm of the city. While we still have an entire tour ahead of us, I can already see why Ahmedabad is such a beloved city. The food here is incredible and leaves you wanting for more! But more importantly, the people are so welcoming that they make you forget that you’re far away from home. There are many places in Ahmedabad I hope to visit so that I can soak in the vibes of this city.”


As they set out on this new journey, the leads of the show Sehban Azim and Sana Sayyad visit Ahmedabad. Whilst in the city, the actors spoke extensively about the show, the upcoming plot and their respective characters. They also explored the city and visited some of the iconic locations.

In the previous week, the viewers have witnessed how Sejal unknowingly begins her journey as a spy after SK sets her up for an internship at the Nanda house in Delhi. She sees the broken family of the Nanda’s and how despite all the wealth they possess, they lack love and togetherness. She crosses paths with Yohan Nanda as well but doesn’t see his face. SK later plans a trip for her to Kashmir where she learns about her heartbreaking past. Later, a huge bomb blast takes place at a busy market which leaves Sejal injured. Yohan is one of the suspects behind this attack. In the upcoming episodes, viewers will witness how Sejal gets Yohan arrested after finding out about his links with the suspected bomber, Sohail. Sejal agrees to be a part of the mission to find her lost brother Farid and begins the training. How will Yohan react to seeing Sejal at his house, as she got him arrested? How will this love story of a spy begin?

Witness an unusual love story of a spy, ‘Spy Bahu’ every Monday to Friday at 9 pm only on COLORS!



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