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Home Entertainment COLORS’ ‘KhatronKeKhiladi 13’: The semi-finale brings the threat of double elimination

COLORS’ ‘KhatronKeKhiladi 13’: The semi-finale brings the threat of double elimination

COLORS’ ‘KhatronKeKhiladi 13’: The semi-finale brings the threat of double elimination

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The battle between contestants and their fears in COLORS’ ‘KhatronKeKhiladi 13’ continues to entertains viewers and showcase the spirit of daredevilry. India’s favourite stunt-based reality show will arrive at its semi-finale in the upcoming episodes and its daunting stunts will evoke an entirely new level of fear with the twist of double elimination. For the first time in this season, all the contestants will be seen pulling off stunts and the top three performers will be awarded points based on their ranks. The contestants with the lowest scores must compete in the elimination round. The two daredevils who underperform the elimination stunt will bid farewell to the show.


The fear of water and heights will be kindled among all the contestants in the first stunt of the semi-finale. It involves contestants balancing themselves while standing on ropes suspended from a rig above a water body. The daredevils must propel themselves across the length of the rig by harnessing their body weight and avoid falling into the water. The second stunt will have contestants gasp for air as they’re dipped in a water body like tea bags and tasked with unlocking themselves. For the third stunt, all the contestants are tethered to centrifugal equipment that rotates as it ziplines from one point to another. After they arrive at the end of the zipline, they must dive into the water and go kayaking to the shore of a water body, where they must set off a blast. The next stunt requires contestants to put together pieces of a puzzle while braving electric shocks amid other obstacles. In the elimination stunt, the daredevils must ride a cycle on a plank, jump off it, grab the net propped against the plank, and pick flags nestled in the net. Earning a decent score by performing never-seen-before stunts will not be easy for the contestants as the fear of double elimination looms on in the forthcoming episode.


Watch the exciting journey of daredevil contestants on Maruti Suzuki presents ‘KhatronKeKhiladi 13’ along with CERA Sanitaryware as Special Partner, airing every Saturday and Sunday at 9:00 pm only on COLORS!


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