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COLORS’ ‘Khatron Ke Khiladi 13’: Anjum Fakih gets eliminated after being bested by Nyrraa M Banerji

by News Monks

Living up to its immense hype, COLORS’ ‘Khatron Ke Khiladi 13’ continues to capture unprecedented feats of daredevils that are leaving the viewers astonished. Mentored by action maestro Rohit Shetty, India’s beloved reality show depicts the marvel of human potential and bravery. Bringing one twist after another coupled with terror-inducing stunts, the 13th edition is the ultimate background of fear v/s khiladis. While all contestants gave their best shot, Anjum Fakih stood eliminated for the second time after being bested by Nyrraa M Banerji in the Target week of the show.


Anjum embarked on her tryst with an exhilarating helicopter-related task and her friend Ruhi Chaturvedi stood by her side for most stunts during the show’s debut week. The two most intense challenges they faced were the see-saw trial and the car-and-trolley feat. In the latter part of the stunt, Anjum shared her perspective on battling anxiety over the years. She excelled in confronting her fear of reptiles and snakes while retrieving keys hidden within boxes filled with these fear-inducing creatures for a subsequent stunt. Her focused and composed approach earned praise from fellow contestants and the host alike. Upon being bested by Aishwarya in the third week, Anjum was out of the race for the title of the ultimate Khiladi. However, she re-entered the show two weeks ago and her second innings kicked off with a bang. The tagline of her journey became ‘Darrti hain par karrti hain’ as she faced her fears head-on and left everyone awestruck. In the target week, Anjum was unwell and could not perform to the best of her ability. Nevertheless, her stint on the show was nothing short of inspiring.

Bidding farewell to ‘Khatron Ke Khiladi 13’, Anjum Fakih says, “I’m so grateful for this remarkable journey of Khatron Ke Khiladi 13 that has been in a masterclass in knowing myself. Throughout the show, I unearthed treasures of self-discovery and learnt how to manage my mental state. I thank all the viewers and my fellow participants who bestowed unwavering support. I’m blessed to have people who are proud of my achievements on this show. I thank Rohit sir, whose belief in us unlocked our potential. Life will not be the same after I’ve faced my worst fears on this show.”


Watch the exciting journey of daredevil contestants on Maruti Suzuki presents ‘Khatron Ke Khiladi 13’ along with CERA Sanitaryware as Special Partner, airing every Saturday and Sunday at 9:00 PM only on COLORS!

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