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Chota bhaijaan Abdu Rozik bids farewell to COLORS ‘Bigg Boss 16’ due to work commitments

by News Monks

Dabangg host Salman Khan’s ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’ on COLORS ‘Bigg Boss 16’ brought a piece of news that stunned all its housemates. The most adorable contestant on the show, Abdu Rozik opts for a voluntary exit owing to work commitments that he made before signing up for the show. Shocked to the core, members of the mandali Shiv Thakare, Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia, Sajid Khan, and MC Stan were the most affected as the Tajikistani singer spent the most time on the show with them.


All the contestants shared a special bond with Abdu, who was known for being a source of positivity, giving the warmest hugs, and offering sound advice in his cute broken English to his friends. Many of his catchphrases such as ‘Burgir’, ‘Bohot Mazza Hain’ and ‘Very Chaalaak Bro’ continue to trend on social media. His exit from the show is hard to digest not just for the rest of the contestants, but also for his fans. He was always appreciated by Salman Khan for being real, taking a stand and staying calm in tricky situations. Sajid Khan and his ‘Long Son Short Son Show’ was a hilarious segment within the show that trained a spotlight on the trends and gossip of the house. His solid friendship and bromance with Shiv Thakare and MC Stan culminated in many heartfelt moments on the show.


Abdu Rozik says, “I thank the people of India for loving me so much. My journey on Bigg Boss 16 comes to end, but I will always remember the time I spent in the house and the friendships I made there. I wish I could stay there for longer, but I can’t complain. The show has given me so much love and respect. India is my second home now and its people are my people. I wish all the contestants of Bigg Boss 16 good luck. I will be happy if any member of the mandali wins.”

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