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Chief Minister referred to the Karma Yogis involved in the power distribution sector as guiding lights illuminating public life

Chief Minister referred to the Karma Yogis involved in the power distribution sector as guiding lights illuminating public life

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A debt acceptance and felicitation ceremony was hosted by the Gujarat Energy Joint Coordination Committee at the Adalaj Trimandir, with the presence of Chief Minister Shri Bhupendra Patel and Energy Minister Shri Kanubhai Desai.


During his address, the Chief Minister stated that the state government has undertaken numerous significant initiatives in support of electricity workers, demonstrating empathy and a positive approach towards them. He said that this is a responsibility of the government towards its employees, rather than a debt.

Gujarat has embraced Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi’s mantra of ‘Sauno Sath, Sauno Vikas Ane Sauno Vishvas’.


Describing the workers in the power distribution sector as beacons of light in the public sphere, the Chief Minister emphasized that these dedicated electricity workers in the state consistently uphold power supply, even in adverse weather conditions like scorching heat, heavy rain, or severe storms. They tirelessly labor around the clock. It is crucial to implement suitable safety protocols and establish reasonable working hours for electricians, especially when they are putting their lives on the line to ensure our homes remain well-lit.


The Chief Minister provided an example and explained that during an electricity outage caused by a fault, we all eagerly expect a quick solution. However, in this urgency, the potential risks faced by the electrician performing their duties often go unnoticed. Therefore, just as the electrician, who diligently works to restore power to citizens’ homes, is at the forefront of common citizens’ attention, similarly, the heart of a citizen’s view should always be the electrician and their family, given the zero tolerance for errors in their tasks.


The Chief Minister highlighted that Gujarat is making consistent progress in the field of renewable energy and has achieved notable progress in the development of green hydrogen energy for the near future. In the age of global warming, Gujarat has advanced without causing harm to the environment, emphasizing the pursuit of energy acquisition that is environmentally friendly.


Under the visionary leadership of the former Chief Minister of Gujarat and the current Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, Gujarat has emerged as a frontrunner in various fields, serving as the driving force behind the nation’s progress. Continuously making strides on the national stage, Team Gujarat has established a tradition of inspiring other states. Gujarat ensures the provision of essential life necessities, including round-the-clock electricity, well-maintained roads, clean drinking water at every doorstep, and easy access to all required amenities within the state.


On similar lines, Energy Minister Shri Kanubhai Desai emphasized that the decisions taken by the state government in favor of electricity workers are not a burden but a responsibility that both the state government and the Energy Department willingly shoulder. Employees from diverse companies under the Energy Department are regarded as a close-knit family within the department. During the G20 Summit, Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi introduced the mantra of “One Earth, One Family” for this year. Consequently, the Energy Department is currently working diligently and enthusiastically.


Minister Desai applauded the dedication of the electricity workers, emphasizing that just as the state government consistently stands by them, these workers are unwaveringly committed to serving the citizens around the clock. Their remarkable efforts during the Biparjoy cyclone relief operations serve as a shining example. Despite the extensive power outages in thousands of villages caused by the cyclone, our electricity workers not only restored power within an astonishing 72 hours, disregarding day and night but also re-energized more than 70,000 power poles. Each and every electricity worker deserves heartfelt congratulations for this remarkable achievement.


He highlighted the steady and prominent progress of Gujarat’s power companies on the national stage. The state’s distribution companies have continued their legacy of exceptional performance at the national level. At present, Gujarat proudly boasts four of the top five power distribution companies in the country, a source of pride for us all.


During this event, Shri Gordhan Zadfia, the Chairman of the Gujarat Energy Joint Coordination Committee, attributed Gujarat’s commendable and swift progress to the visionary leadership of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi. He acknowledged that numerous decisions made by the Prime Minister during his tenure as Gujarat’s Chief Minister have transformed Gujarat into a model state in the field of electricity. Over time, Gujarat has adapted according to technological advancements, consistently evolving ahead.


Congratulating the Chief Minister and the Energy Minister, he said that Chief Minister Shri Bhupendra Patel and his team have effectively continued the development journey in Gujarat that was initiated by the Prime Minister. These pivotal decisions in favor of Gujarat’s electricity workers have been made under the guidance of the Chief Minister. The encouragement for electricians to work diligently stems from the support they receive. The Gujarat government has maintained unwavering support and motivation for its electricity workers.

This event was attended by senior working president Shri Vasan Ahir from Akhil Gujarat Vidyut Kamdar Sangh, Karyakari President Shri Manu Patel, President of the Gujarat Energy Joint Coordination Committee, Shri Bharat Pandya, Senior Secretary-General Shri Baldev Patel, and Secretary-General Shri Bipin Shah. They extended their best wishes to the Government, Chief Minister, and Energy Minister on behalf of all state employees. Furthermore, a significant number of state electricity employees were present during the event.

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