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Chief Minister inaugurates the state-wide ‘Ravi Krishi Mahotsav – 2023’ at Pirana, Daskroi

Chief Minister inaugurates the state-wide ‘Ravi Krishi Mahotsav – 2023’ at Pirana, Daskroi

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Chief Minister Shri Bhupendra Patel inaugurated the statewide ‘Ravi Krishi Mahotsav – 2023’ from Pirana, Daskroi Taluka, in Ahmedabad. Along with the state-level program in Ahmedabad, the two-day ‘Ravi Krishi Mahotsav – 2023’ was celebrated in all 246 talukas, including all 9 talukas of the district. Agriculture Minister Shri Raghavji Patel, and Union Minister of State for Communications and MP Shri Devusinh Chauhan were also present at the state-level program in Ahmedabad.


Speaking at the inauguration of the statewide ‘Ravi Krishi Mahotsav – 2023’, Chief Minister Shri Bhupendra Patel stated that there was a time when agriculture in the state was considered ‘minimal.’ Farmers were leaving agriculture. At such a crucial time, the then Chief Minister Shri Narendra Modi, with a commitment to bring about a revolution in the agricultural sector, initiated agricultural festivals and fairs. Starting from the ‘Lab to Land’ initiative, bringing agricultural research to the ground and providing its maximum benefit to farmers, the agricultural festivals initiated since 2005 have created a real revolution in agriculture. In the 15 agricultural festivals, 2 crore farmers have received guidance, and Gujarat has achieved double-digit growth in agriculture, thereby truly uplifting the sector.


Chief Minister Shri Bhupendra Patel, while discussing the development of the agriculture sector in the country and the state, expressed that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been diligently working with the Ministry of Service and Good Governance to address the concerns and development of the poor, distressed, deprived, and farmers. Under the guidance of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, continuous efforts have been made to move towards modern farming, aligning farmers with contemporary agricultural practices. The Ministry of Agriculture has been renamed Krishi Avam Kishan Kalyan Mantralaya (The Ministry of Agriculture & Farmers Welfare), reflecting these efforts.


In discussing efforts to incorporate modernity and technology in agriculture, the Chief Minister emphasized that, under the capable leadership of the Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, continuous efforts have been made to encourage farmers to embrace modern and smart agricultural practices. This has been achieved through meticulous planning, well-designed schemes, and strategic initiatives spanning from seed to market. The Chief Minister noted that the groundbreaking use of drones in agriculture, a concept never considered before, has now become a reality. Today, drones are being used for spraying nano liquid urea across the country, he added.”


Elaborating on various schemes and initiatives for agricultural development in the country and the state, the Chief Minister highlighted that under PM-Kisan Samman Nidhi, small-marginal farmers receive an annual assistance of ₹6,000. Owing to several farmer-friendly decisions, including the distribution of soil health cards, Pashu Arogya Mela, interest-free loan assistance, fair support prices, and a well-structured relief package during calamities, the state’s farmers have undergone a positive transformation. Today, they have truly become ‘Atmanirbhar,’ cultivating multiple crops, thanks to the availability of drip irrigation. This irrigation facility enables farmers to grow more.


The Chief Minister elaborated that Gujarat holds the top position in the country for groundnut and oilseed production, owing to a range of initiatives focused on agricultural development. Additionally, the state secures the second position in national sesame and cotton production. Highlighting Gujarat’s agricultural prowess, he emphasized that the state clinches the leading spot in the nation for the cultivation of crops such as chicoo, papaya, okra, pomegranate, ajmo, and cumin. Furthermore, Gujarat secures the second position in the production of horticultural crops like pomegranate.


Speaking about the necessity and advantages of organic agriculture, the Chief Minister stated that Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has advocated a return to nature by embracing a healthy lifestyle, guided by the principles of ‘Mission Life’ and ‘Back to Basics,’ as part of addressing the pressing issues of climate change. In this context, organic agriculture emerges as the most crucial approach. Presently, the excessive use of chemical fertilizers poses a significant threat to soil, water, and overall health. The sole correct solution to these issues is ‘cow-based agriculture.’ Fortunately, our state is blessed to have a Governor who is an expert in natural agriculture. He has intensified this campaign, providing training in organic farming to over 18 lakh farmers in the state, with more than 8.5 lakh farmers adopting organic practices, he added.


Additionally, the Chief Minister urged more farmers to cultivate nutrient-rich coarse grains and embrace organic agriculture on the occasion of International Millet Year. He further noted that Millet Year has raised awareness about millets, with 4.25 lakh hectares in 11 districts of the state now dedicated to bajra cultivation. The market demand for coarse grains like millet, ragi, kang, and jowar has witnessed a surge.


Agriculture Minister Shri Raghavji Patel :-


In his address at the inauguration of ‘Ravi Krishi Mahotsav – 2023,’ the Agriculture Minister, Shri Raghavji Patel, expressed that since the year 2005 when Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi initiated the agricultural festival and agricultural fairs in Gujarat as the Chief Minister, the state government has been at the forefront of promoting agricultural development. The efforts made under the visionary guidance of Shri Narendra Modi to achieve comprehensive growth in the dedicated efforts in the agricultural sector and the continuous focus on the upliftment of farmers have yielded significant results, positioning Gujarat as a frontrunner in agricultural development today.


The Agriculture Minister further highlighted that under the leadership and guidance of Chief Minister Shri Bhupendra Patel, various schemes are actively underway to enhance farming, horticulture, and animal husbandry for the economic well-being of farmers. The state government has increased the budget to promote farm mechanization and the use of agricultural equipment, contributing to the rise in agricultural productivity. Notably, efforts in promoting horticultural products have opened new dimensions, reflecting the commitment of the government.


Emphasizing the ongoing efforts to increase agricultural production, the Minister stated that the government is consistently working towards providing economic support to farmers by announcing timely and reasonable support prices. Ensuring farmers receive electricity at affordable rates has been a priority for the government, with no increase in power tariffs for the last ten years, as highlighted by the Minister.


The Agriculture Minister urged farmers to adopt cow-based natural farming and increase the cultivation of millets to support the goals of International Millet Year.


Union Minister of State for Communications Shri Devusinh Chauhan :-


In his address on this occasion, Union Minister of State for Communications and Member of Parliament for Agriculture, Shri Devusinh Chauhan, mentioned that when Prime Minister Shri Narendrabhai Modi initiated the Agricultural Fair as the Chief Minister of Gujarat, the pioneer of the Green Revolution, Dr. Swaminathan, stated that what the Chief Minister of Gujarat is doing, the Chief Ministers of all the states in the country should do. Gujarat has become the growth engine of the country today; it has contributed to the progress of every sector, including the agriculture sector, he added.


The Union Minister of State highlighted that in the initial 40 years following Gujarat’s establishment, the agricultural growth rate remained minimal, plagued by frequent droughts, causing frustration among farmers. However, with Shri Narendrabhai assuming leadership as the Chief Minister of Gujarat, he emerged as a beacon of visionary leadership, steering the state’s comprehensive development across all sectors, including agriculture. Shri Narendrabhai’s vision and concerted efforts played a pivotal role in redirecting farmers towards advanced agricultural practices at a time when people were contemplating abandoning agriculture, he added.


The Union Minister further stated that, as a consequence of agricultural fairs and festivals, advanced agricultural practices have extended to even the people in the hinterland. Presently, individuals are engaging in farming with modern tools and achieving self-sufficiency. The Union Minister added that, owing to the positive and encouraging efforts of the government, the agriculture sector has experienced a significant boost.


The Additional Chief Secretary of the Agriculture Department, A. K. Rakesh, delivered the welcome address on the occasion.


Before this program, Gau Puja (Cow Worship) was performed by Chief Minister. Afterward, the Chief Minister, along with present dignitaries, witnessed drone technology demonstrations. Chief Minister inaugurated the agriculture exhibition and SevaSetu program at the venue of Ravi Krishi Mahotsav. Through interactions with stakeholders, he provided encouragement.


The unveiling of the Millets Foundation’s book on this occasion was done by Chief Minister along with other dignitaries, and the E-inauguration of three offices of the Agriculture Department was also carried out.


Furthermore, the Chief Minister and other dignitaries honored eight farmers with the Sardar Patel Krishi Sanshodhan Puraskar, four farmers with the Best ATMA Farmers Award, and four farmers with payment orders for various assistance schemes of the Agriculture Department.


Under the Ravi Krishi Mahotsav, scientists from the Agricultural University delivered speeches on the efficient use of inputs and organic farming practices to enhance carbon through natural farming. They also addressed topics like ‘International Millet Year’ and introduced the ‘Shree AnnA’ (Millet) program, along with 20 other issues related to cooperative department in the seminar. These sessions provided valuable guidance to farmers involved in organic farming as well as those working with FPOs.

On the occasion of the inauguration of ‘Ravi Krishi Mahotsav – 2023,’ MLA Shri Babubhai Patel, District Collector Smt. Praveena D.K., the Director of Agriculture, agricultural scientists, officers/employees of Agriculture/Horticulture and Animal Husbandry Departments, and members of District and Taluka Panchayats, a large number of farmers participated.

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