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Home Business Celebrate This ‘Janmashtami’ Festival by Bringing Home Samsung Curd Maestro™ Refrigerator;

Celebrate This ‘Janmashtami’ Festival by Bringing Home Samsung Curd Maestro™ Refrigerator;

by News Monks

This festive season, celebrate with Samsung Curd Maestro™ refrigerator and make curd for ‘Dahi Handi’ festival in the world’s first refrigerator that prepares curd. Samsung Curd Maestro™ refrigerator will be available with attractive finance options during this festive season with cashback up to 15% and easy EMI options.


Dahi Handi celebration is an important part of Janmashtami festival. To celebrate, an earthen pot filled with dahi (curd) is hung at a height and a group of youngsters attempt to break the handi by making human pyramid.


The humble curd has a special place in Indian tradition as well as culinary significance. Curd also has a deep linkage to health as well as home remedies for beauty. For centuries, the context of curd (Dahi) and sugar make it an auspicious combination before one embarks on a new journey or assignment.


With a view to understanding the needs of the Indian consumers, Samsung revolutionized the concept of curd preparation for the Indian home and this resulted in the world’s first refrigerator that prepares curd, Curd Maestro™. This technology has changed the way curd is prepared and all this in simple steps by a refrigerator.


Samsung’s Curd Maestro™ range has become a boon for consumers to address the pain points of daily curd preparation and provides the advantage of setting your curd with no hands touched, keeping hygiene in mind, and without compromising the consistency and taste.


Samsung launched the world’s first frost free refrigerator that makes curd, as part of its 2020 range of refrigerators and considering its huge success, it has been introduced across capacities in Direct Cool and Side-by-Side category in 2021.

Curd Maestro™ refrigerator ensures that nothing comes in the way of you and your precious family time; enabling curd preparation in seven to eight hours — seven hours for soft curd, eight hours for thick curd. One needs to mix the curd culture with lukewarm milk while Curd Maestro™ does the most crucial part of the job — fermentation. It not only prepares the curd but also allows you to store it and keep it fresh for upto 3 days.


Curd Maestro™ makes curd with the same consistency each time and eliminates all the hassle of curd making in different weather conditions.


The Curd Maestro™ refrigerator makes fresh, healthy, tasty and hygienic curd and transcends the conventional refrigerator landscape in India beyond food storage and food preservation to food preparation. The process of curd making is recommended by ICAR-National Dairy Research Institute (NDRI), Karnal.


Curd Maestro™ contribution to refrigerator business has increased 2X and segment has grown by 300% vis-à-vis last year.


This meaningful innovation is part of Samsung India’s ‘Make for India’ initiative, based on deep understanding of Indian consumers’ needs over the years and addresses their pain points. This has also helped Samsung to sustain No. 1 position with 33% M/S in refrigerator category and further widen the gap in 2021.



Janmashtmi (Dahi handi festival) is around the corner making it the perfect time to invest in this innovative design refrigerator that is sure to make our lives far more convenient.

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