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BTS to appear on Freinds Reunion! What’s more special? And more!

by News Monks

A popular tv series called “Freinds” which ran for 10 seasons had many fans. And on this 27th May all characters having Réunion. It also has many guests. And one of the guests also includes a popular band called “BTS” for which fans are very excited.

But what’s more special about it?

BTS member “RM” had learned English by watching “Freinds”. With his smart brain and 148 IQ he able to learn by watching subtitles, learn english words and finally was able to speak English. After that Korean parents were all telling their children to watch FREINDS so that they can learn english too.
Army’s were having flashback of this story and got emotional that the member who grower up by watching this show is now meeting them Isn’t this special?

BTS also appeared on Rolling Stone magazine where members share their personal information, struggles, military, mixtape and more. They became the first Asian act to appear on Rolling Stone Magazine.

While BTS “Butter” is already hyped up and fans can’t wait for it anymore. Stay tuned for more updates.

VR Niti Sejpal.

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