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Beat the Heat this summer with refreshing cold brews from Sublime House of Tea

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Being a niche wellness & lifestyle brand, Sublime House of Tea, founded in 2014, has exquisitely curated a range of offerings that are synonymous with luxury, strengthening of the immune system and elevated wellness levels.


At the onset of summer and with festive season around the corner, Sublime has unveiled a range of loose leaf cold tea blends and Kashmiri Saffron. Sourced from origin and packed in small batches, every product of Sublime retains a promise of good taste, freshness and purity.


The delicious and healthy range of cold brews come in popular flavours such as Mellow Mango, Flower Fete and Blissful Blue, Rose in Bloom, Soothing Strawberry and Saffron Turmeric Tea. In addition, their prized and cooling spice, Kashmiri Saffron, synonymous to luxury, is loaded with immense health benefits bringing the much-needed respite from soaring temperatures.


A part of the Prestige Group, Sublime House of Tea is a woman-led business founded by Ms. Uzma Irfan which places superior quality and trust above all else. Every offering by the brand is sourced ethically from indigenous producers across India, presenting the best of freshness, authenticity and health in every product.


Mellow Mango Tea


Enjoy the real goodness of mangoes, all day, every day with Mellow Mango Tea blend. Sip on to the goodness of mangoes and enjoy the rich flavor with every cup. A refreshingly fruity blend without overpowering the senses, this infusion gives off a low caffeine brew and brings out the king of fruit in a mug, to relish all year around.

INR 550 – 100g







Flower Fete


Indulge in a cup of Sublime House of Tea’s Signature Flower Fete Tea blend, which is sure to transport you back into the spring fields, with bursts of colours and floral notes, this tea is truly spring in a cup. A perfect mélange of hibiscus rose and lemongrass that is grown locally, this blend is best brewed hot or cold, you can use this brew to make interesting cocktails & mocktails.

INR 650 – 50g


Blissful Blue


Blessed with magical properties, the commonly grown blue pea flower is native to India and grows without much tending. This blend of mint, lemon and blue pea flower does just that. Simple enough but we can’t describe the wonderful calmative effects it has even if we tried. Three ingredients that work their magic, whether you brew them hot or cold.

INR 650 – 50g


Rose in Bloom


Get mesmerized with the scent of roses and get transported to a rose field, feeling relaxed and blissful with the Rose in Bloom Tea. Made with black tea from the tea estates of the Nilgiri mountain range and blended with rose petals indigenous to India – this brew is best served hot or cold and makes great cocktails and mocktails.

INR 500 – 100g


Soothing Strawberry Tea


Sip on the Soothing Strawberry Tea and get transported in the middle of a strawberry field, while enjoying the view & everything else it has to offer. With real strawberries in the blend, this brew is a good source of vitamin C, manganese, and potassium which may have benefits for heart health and blood sugar control. This zero-caffeine blend is delicious, refreshing and just what one needs after a long day.


INR 550 – 100 g


Saffron Turmeric Tea


Indulge in the earthy & rich taste of holy saffron combined with that one natural anti-inflammatory healer – turmeric along with hints of sensual rose – all in one cup of tea. The beautiful Saffron Turmeric Tea blend is made with black whole leaf tea, saffron, turmeric and rose petals that are ethically and locally sourced. This brew can be served both hot and cold and it makes for a great base or bitter for a cocktail and even a mocktail.

INR 450 – 100g







Kashmiri Saffron


Popularly known as “red gold”, the Kashmiri Saffron is one of the most sought-after spices in the world. In Jammu and Kashmir, Pampore has earned the title of Kashmir’s “saffron town” for growing the best quality saffron. Sublime’s Kashmiri saffron is sourced from the Pampore region of Kashmir. The soil quality in this area is highly suitable for its cultivation and yields the prized “Kashmiri saffron” known for its aroma, colour and medicinal value.

INR 550 – 1gm

Head over to and indulge in their exquisite summer offerings!


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