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Barley & Grapes Cafe has opened its doors to the city of Hyderabad

by News Monks

The party never ends for us Hyderabadis and India’s First Airport Brewery is here to ensure that the beer flow doesn’t either.


Located at RGIA, Barley & Grapes has opened its doors to the city of Hyderabad and keeps it so 24/7.




Barley & Grapes cafe, first established in Bangalore in 2013, currently has four outlets in Bangalore and is happy to announce the launch of its first-ever Microbrewery in a new city, Hyderabad.




It’s launch was celebrated at the RGIA Aero plaza with renowned bloggers from across the city who spent the evening wining & dining with Hyderabad’s favourite band, Threeory.




At B&G you will experience a sense of joy & calm together as you sip on one of the Beertles in one of the most soothing ambiences in the city.


You read that right. The Cafe offers a collection of The Beatles themed craft beers called, “the Beertles.”


If the beers don’t urge you to visit this new location, the ambience sure will.


The property is enclosed in a range of 300 plants such as Sansevieria, Aglaonema, Areca palms and Spathiphyllum that specialise in absorbing toxins and releasing much-needed oxygen into the air. Here you are sure to be sheltered from the clouded air of the busy city.


The Cafe offers a large indoor and outdoor seating area with ample space to host concerts and gigs through the course of the day (and night.)


Coming to the matters of the belly, B&G has curated a menu that incorporates the rich flavours that the city loves, oh so dearly, into our favourite nibbles.




Being a first of its kind in the country, B&G is the carefully conceptualised brainchild of Meghna & Sridhar Vakada. True to its name, Barley & Grapes is a place for everybody, the beer and wine drinker alike.

On the day of the launch, “It’s very exciting to venture into Hyderabad and to be the first microbrewery at an airport since the industry has seen amazing growth in the recent past and people are opening up to venture out to seek new experiences and cuisines. For me this is double fold exciting as it’s my birth city and this is also the first time we are venturing into the microbrewery space” said Mr Sridhar Vakada.






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