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Awakening of 110 years old Heritage temple

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Neeb Karauri Baba (c. 1900 – 11 September 1973)as millions of people have known him, qualifies the Bhagwat Geeta concept of divine representation in human form. He was born in an affluent brahmin family in a village called Akbarpur in district Firozabad, Uttar Pradesh in the year 1900. His family name was Laxmi Narayan Sharma. The Divine incarnate left his native place at the age of 10 and came to settle at a small village called Vavaniya near Morbi in Gujarat. Here he completed his spiritual arc and stayed till 1917. They named him here as Baba Lachman Das / Talaiyya Baba. He built a Hanuman Temple here and moved back to a village called Neeb Karauri in Dist. Firozabad, Uttar Pradesh, which is near his place of birth. He settled in Village Neeb Karauri. The people of the village felt protected under him. The stories of his great spiritual persona and divine powers spread far and wide. The sadhu samaj anointed him with the title of 1008 Param Hansa Baba Laxman Das. He became popular with the name of the village as Baba Neeb Karauri. He cured people with terminal illness, turned salt water to sweet water. People came to him for curing their sufferings and found Him very responsive to their expectations. They always found instant help and answer to all their troubles. He left Neeb karauri village in year 1935 to spread his presence to a larger mass. He was now popular as Neeb Karauri Baba and his fame grew far and wide. He started constructing Hanuman Temples at various places. Baba Neeb Karori is a great saint of 20th Century who initiated thousands of devotees to Hanuman Bhakti.

Some of his well-known devotees are Steve Jobs (Founder – Apple Inc.), Mark Zuckerberg (Founder – Facebook), Juila Roberts (Hollywood actress), Larry Brilliant (An American epidemiologist, technologist, philanthropist, and author, notable for his work with the WHO, helping to successfully eradicate smallpox), Ram Dass (American spiritual teacher, former academic and clinical psychologist, and author of many books, including the seminal 1971 book ‘Be Here Now’), Krishna Das (American vocalist and kirtan singer who was nominated at 2013 Grammy Awards.)

Two of the seven trustees of Shri Sankat Mochan Charitable Trust, Dr. Apurva Vyas and Mr. Vishal Bhavsar will be providing more information about the 3-day event as well as the temple being constructed at Vavaniya.


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