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Are pain and sorrow same or different?

by News Monks

Usually we use pain and sorrow as synonyms. But actually sorrow is not pain. There is no such thing as sorrow or grief. According to the scriptures, pain is the fruit of improper karma, improper daily routine i.e. sin. There is such thing as pain but there is no such thing as sorrow. Pain is something that can be understood, demonstrated, expressed, described or shown because pain is something that is connected to the body such as leg pain, back pain, headache, fever, diarrhea, vomiting, injury of body etc. Pain occurs when fractures, illness or disease occurs. Which can be explained, shown, described to the doctors as well as medicine or treatment can be taken by the doctor. But none of this is possible for grief or sorrow because sorrow is a problem not with the body but with the mind. A sad person may say that I am very sad, I do not have fun, I do not enjoy life, I feel a little uncomfortable, I feel very low, etc. But where does all this happen, how does it happen, what happens? It cannot be shown, cannot be explained, cannot be stated or described because it does not really exist. That is the state of the ignorant mind. It is created by the mind.

There is pain in everyone’s life in the world. The creature is only associated with pain, even if it is an animal, a bird or insect. Pain is natural to living beings. Which, according to experts, can be eliminated by taking medication. But so far no cure has been found for the sorrow, nor have there been any painkillers which one can take and grief can disappear. Moreover, sorrow is found only in the human vagina. Many organisms like animals, birds, insects, plants have some degree of pain but not sorrow as sorrow is a developed state of mind. There is no sorrow in the life of one who has no mind. Sorrow or grief is mainly due to excessive desires, lusts, selfishness, ego, jealousy, attachment to relationships which exist only in human. In animals and birds or in other living beings there are neither excessive desires nor selfishness, nor ego, nor jealousy, nor excessive attachment to relationships so that sorrow is not much in them.

In short, human beings are responsible for their sorrow or grief and this suffering cannot be cured by going to a specialist or a doctor. For the liberation of grief or sorrow you have to be doctor of your own self no other doctor can help you much. If excessive desires and dissatisfaction are responsible for sorrow, then one has to study to be content, to learn to give up desires. If the attachment of the relationship causes grief, then we should learn from the animal-bird, i.e. by observing them, that it does the same hard work for the children as we do, but when the wing comes, they leave the love of the chicks. So naturally, if we too can leave attachment-infatuation and become instinctive, then it is very easy to get rid of sorrow from life. If we look at our life, we will understand that the amount of pain is only about 10 to 20 percent, i.e. the share of physical problems in life is only 10 to 20 percent. The ratio of sorrow is very high. Pain is much less than sorrow because it is attached to the body which is natural. But sorrows we raise through our nature, deeds, instinct, habits, sacraments etc. If we do inappropriate thing by speech, thought or deeds, if we have a very stubborn nature, if we can’t give up bad habits, if we hold on to the inert nature, if we annoy many in the name of rites, then it is natural for grief or sorrow to come because these are the reasons responsible for sorrow. Also physical ailments that are natural to the body can only be removed from the natural lifestyle. If life is lived according to the laws of nature, then even pain can be excluded from life. Moreover, God has already given everyone the natural power to endure pain, because since pain is connected with the body, God also knows that there are a few bodily troubles to be had in every life. But a proper lifestyle can free us from daily troubles and physical pains and there is no such thing as sorrow in the realm of nature, so there is no question of removing it. Sorrow is nothing but the mental disorder so that one can achieve mental health and avoid ninety percent suffering that is sorrow. It is possible to live a natural life and avoid ten percent physical pain also. Thus, the whole life can be made one hundred percent sorrow and pain free.

God has given us human vagina to become great human beings and to get salvation so that we should use it properly. Moreover, those whose purpose is not salvation but happiness must also understand that only human beings can enjoy the best pleasures of God’s kingdom or nature. In order to enjoy many such pleasures, we have got human vagina as the fruit of innumerable meritorious deeds of many births, which should be used for enjoying happiness as well as for relieving suffering. We all know that the pleasure that human beings can get by five senses like seeing the natural beauty with eyes is not possible for any other creature, similarly the pleasure that human beings enjoy by the pleasure of taste, the pleasure that they enjoy by listening to excellent music by the ears is not possible for any other creature. From this, it can be understood that we have got such a well-developed vagina and senses only to enjoy happiness, but we must cultivate the ability to keep the indulgence within limits and avoid suffering. Survival of the fittest is expected of human beings as a highly developed and intelligent animal.

Only two results of a well-developed vagina like a human vagina is 1) Due to the highly developed state of mind, human beings have to suffer the pain that no other creature has to suffer. No other living being has such vices as lust, anger, greed, infatuation, ego, jealousy like human beings so that there is no suffering in their life. 2) Enjoy the unattainable pleasures that God has given only to human beings through the developed senses, that is, enjoy the pleasures of heaven within the limits of the senses, now it is up to us to choose between these two options. We have to decide whether to enjoy happiness by removing the causes responsible for suffering or to make life hell by falling in love with the causes responsible for suffering. In short, pain and sorrow are different, there is no such thing as sorrow in the realm of nature and pain can be eliminated by living a natural life with proper understanding and care. Pain is real, sorrow is imaginary and unreal, which is nothing more than an illusion and real understanding is enough to remove it.

Shilpa shah, director in-charge, HKBBA College

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