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Amidst The War In Russia Ukraine, This Child Wrote The Phone Number On His Hand, Met His Mother After Traveling 1100 KM

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Russo-Ukraine war has forced millions of Ukrainians to flee. Millions of Ukrainians are leaving their country and going to Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Romania and Moldova. This also includes a large number of children. One such child traveled 1100 km alone to reach his mother in Slovakia. During this, a number was written on his hand in the name of help. Now that he has met his mother, his pictures and videos are going viral on social media.






The name of this 11-year-old boy, who met his mother, is Hassan Piseka, who hails from Zaporizhzhya, Ukraine. Russian troops attacked here only last week. 11-year-old Hassan Piseka had only a plastic bag and a phone number when he fled the country so that he could meet his siblings in Bratislava.


Hassan’s mother made a difficult decision to stay with her old mother in southern Ukraine during times of war. His mother could not walk due to her illness and because of this Hassan’s mother did not leave her alone. Hassan’s mother had put him on a train to Bird with a passport, two small bags and a relative’s phone number. After this custom officials helped him and took him to Slovakia.


When Hasan reached the border, he was very happy, courage and determination were visible in him. His strong intentions won the hearts of the custom officers. His happiness knew no bounds when he met his family in Slovakia. Hassan said in a conversation with Good Morning Britain that he is not worried about his future at the moment, he is happy that he is safe. This 1100 km journey is one of his most frightening experiences.


Hassan’s mother, grandmother and the whole family along with Family Dog somehow managed to escape from Ukraine and have reached Slovakia. When Hasan saw his mother, he hugged with joy. Hassan’s mother told that the train journey was very difficult but she is happy that everyone is safe. They have to start from zero again.




Please tell that Hassan does not have a father. Many years ago, Julia had to flee Syria with her family without Hassan’s father. After this he was living in Ukraine, Julia’s country, but this time he is happy that no one was snatched because of this war, but everyone is together. He is ready to start from zero again.

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