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Agnisakshi… Ek Samjhauta Aashay Mishra’s Interview Transcript

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What is the storyline of ‘Agnisakshi… Ek Samjhauta’?

‘Agnisakshi… Ek Samjhauta’ is about a relationship that starts as a family responsibility, situational crisis, and a social obligation between two such characters who come from different stature of society. It captures how they balance the unevenness of their relationship, which blossoms through varied stages of difficulties after their marriage. It’s a drama with layered characters and every character has a story of its own and they act as a pillar in taking the story ahead. I welcome you all to be part of this beautiful yet dramatic story.


Tell us something about your character?

I am essaying the role of Satvik who is a man of virtues, a go-getter, a family man and somebody with a high IQ. He sacrificed a lot to fit in the role of a perfect son, to be accepted and loved by the only thing that matters to him – his family. He makes sure that he is there for everyone. I would say he is his family’s James Bond.


What would you say about your association with COLORS?

COLORS has always been at the forefront of entertaining people and earning the loyalty of viewers. I’m grateful that COLORS trusted me with this beautiful show and a stand-alone character. The entire Agnisakshi family will make sure to provide wholesome entertainment to the audiences.


What made you say yes to this show?

I would say that the character, story, makers, and channel compelled me to say yes to the show. These are the pillars that make a show stand out. The Kannada version of the show ran for 7 years. The show promised me credibility and relatability with its story.


How do you think the viewers will perceive the concept of love after divorce, which is in contrast to traditions?

I’m sure that the viewers will understand the dilemma and the circumstances in which Satvik opts for divorce and after knowing his side of the story, they’ll empathize with him.


What sets ‘Agnisakshi’ apart from other shows?

I would say it’s the story and the characters that will set us apart from the ongoing shows and the relatability that this show offers in terms of its characters.


How does it feel to shoot in Bangalore?

It feels great. Bangalore welcomed us with beautiful, pleasant weather and the people around are nice and warm. We feel accepted and happy in the tech capital.


How is your bond with your co-actor?

I have been blessed with mazedaar, behtereen, amazing co-actors, beautiful people, and a fun-filled crew. We all connected very nicely on the very first instance during our workshops.


This is your debut with COLORS, how excited are you?

The word ‘excited’ won’t do justice to the kind of hype this show has generated. I am glad to be part of this project.


How was your experience shooting in Chandigarh with the ‘Udaariyaan’ cast?

It was great! The vibe was fun, the actors were welcoming, the crew was nice, and the scenes were also gripping. It was great fun to be on Udaariyaan’s set.


Did you spare some time and manage to explore the city?

I couldn’t spare a single minute to explore the city. It was a hectic three-day schedule and we had to cover a lot of scenes, so it was tough to do anything else apart from shooting. However, I would love to visit the city and explore it as much as I can!

Any message you want to give your fans?

I hope people love the show, accept the characters, give us space in their hearts and we can keep up the promise to entertain them wholeheartedly.


Stay tuned to COLORS for more updates!


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