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After 10 years India will be No. 1 –Where the most deaths will happen due to cancer – USA Dr. Kashyap Patel

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If the citizens of India are fascinated by the western cultural lifestyle,India will have the highest number of cancer patients in the world in ten years if it continues to consume polluted air and modern food.

Dr. Kashyap Patel, a native of Detroj village of Kadva Patidar Samaj, has been living in Caroline, USA for the last 20 years. He is an oncologist (oral cancer) surgeon in the United States, is the president of an association of more than 5,000 doctors practicing in the United States. He is  CEO of Cancer Care Assoc of Corolla. He also helping as Medical Director of the International Oncology Network and Chairman of the Clinic Affairs of the Associate Community Cancer Center. Dr. Kashyap is a spiritual writer and photographer and a famous American surgeon and also writes spiritual articles. He authored a book, Between Life and Death from Despair to Hope.

In this book he writes about , unknown destination, the cycle of life and death, what is death,Dream Shattered, Death – You Lose Today, Belief in Death, Beginning End, And the beginning of the end, the preparation for the high flight, the many bodies one soul, a question about the corruption of policy, the fourth dimension & published articles full of spirituality with a deep subject like eternal flight,

In addition, Dr. Kashyap has an emotional disposition, who has also clicked numerous photographs.

An exhibition of photographs was also held. The important thing is that he has emotional ties with all the political leaders of America.


Cancer-India-Most Deaths

Dr. Kashyap Patel has warned that after ten to fifteen years, India will have the highest number of deaths due to cancer in the world.The people of India are obsessed with imitating Western culture. Leaving behind the traditional delicacies, the people of India are taking junk food, fast food, packet food and chemically processed food  which leads to cancer.


Dr. Kashyap Patel warned that if the people of India, whose modern lifestyle, modern food and polluted air are not exposed, India will have the highest incidence of cancer deaths in the world in the next 10-15 years. Never be afraid of conflict. Although Dr. Kashyap, a cancer surgeon, lives in a very modern country, he is living according to the traditional diet and spirituality.


.Talking about his  life he said that, In  the beginning I worked 100 hours a week, three times I changed places. Expressing the philosophy of life with the recitation of verses from the Bhagavad Gita, Shrimad says that there is no need for conflict. Struggle is a part of life. Do not leave our peace in the others hands. In today’s scientific-modern age, despite all the comforts available, there is still frustration and despair among the people.

Explaining the secret of which Dr. Kashyap says that we are the ones who are saddened by giving the peace of our life in the hands of others. Do not compare yourself with others.We go beyond our culture and values, which leads to frustration.

In the US, children who are constantly busy on social media get less likes or dislike if their body image is not liked, then they get frustrated and even commit suicide. The incidence of child suicides in India is also worrying.

Celebrate the festivals with fanfare. Dr. Kashyap Patel

There are scientific reasons behind the celebration of festivals in Sanatan Dharma, Dr. Kashyap Patel says that festivals should be celebrated with fanfare. We work hard for hours.Celebrating festivals reduces stress and makes life happier,During the Corona period, there was an increase in the number of suicides by people living in the house. Fulfill one’s duties towards religion, country and society Dr. Kashyap Patel says that everyone should fulfill his duties towards country, society and religion faithfully.

Follow Mana-Karma and Vachan, quoting a verse from the Bhagwat Gita, says that even while living in America, I am concerned about the youth and society of India. I try to build facilities in the homeland as needed. I send a message to everyone that I have relations with all the political leaders of America,

There is happiness, there is respect, but one does not forget the moral values ​​of Sanatan Dharma. Similarly, everyone should follow the values ​​of Sanatan Dharma.

Research on the basis of spirituality Dr. Kashyap Patel conducts research on cancer patients. The patient is seated in a copper dome and is given mantras, sadhana and meditation which are getting good results.

Mantra-meditation and yoga help patients recover faster. They will also receive funding for research from the US government.

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