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Academy of Paediatrics, Gujarat to hold 48th Annual State Conference “GujPedicon 2022”

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The Academy of Pediatrics Gujarat is holding the three-day 48th Annual State Conference – GujPedicon 2022 in Ahmedabad from Friday to Sunday, claiming that post-Covid newborns, children, adolescents, and parents are experiencing a surge in healthcare issues and the world needs to think creatively and improve the systems of care to meet the demand and provide the best care for affected. ACADEMY OF PEDIATRICS GUJARAT is an association of around 2200 pediatricians of Gujarat state. It has 22 city branches and ACADEMY OF PEDIATRICS AHMEDABAD is one of them which has 550 members. Association works on different fields not only related to medical field but various social activities also.

This year conference is for 3 days in which on first day they have different workshops like KANGAROO MOTHER CARE FOR NEWBORN BABIES, ADVANCED LIFE SUPPORT FOR NEWBORNS, ANTIBIOTICS PRESCRIPTION AND INFECTIONS IN CHILDREN which will be attended by various paediatricians and nursing staff to improve outcome of illnesses in newborns and children. Next 2 days conference is on various topics related to health issues in children. They have cricket tournament between members of our association from different cities of Gujarat. On Saturday night they have cultural programs for the recreation of our members and their families where own members will perform in form of singing, dancing and playing different musical instruments and fashion show………


This seminar is being put on to raise awareness about dealing with all of these problems without turning to self-medication. More than 500 paediatricians from Gujarat and elsewhere will attend this seminar. Manoj Aggarwal IAS, Additional Principal Secretary for Gujarat Health and Family Welfare, will attend as the chief guest, and Dr. Upendra Kinjawadekar, President of CIAP 2023, will be the guest of honour. Both GujPedicon organising chair Dr. Chetan Trivedi and UNICEF Gujarat head Prashantha Das will be there.

Additionally, Dr. Chetan Trivedi’s installation as the Academy of Paediatrics Gujarat’s new president will be celebrated.

Dr. Chetan Trivedi, the president-elect of the Gujarat Academy of Paediatrics, said during the “Gujpedicon 2022” curtain-raiser event that various experts and seniors in the field of paediatrics and its sub-specialities would share their knowledge, innovations, and expertise with their fellow members to advance their skills and expertise. In addition, they will stay current on paediatric breakthroughs in order to better the healthcare for children in our state. A series of lectures and panel discussions on current topics in child health, social issues, adolescent health, lifestyle issues, neonatal issues, immunization, etc. are part of the conference. Additionally, the health department representatives from Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation, the Gujarati government, and UNICEF will coordinate the sessions.

According to Dr. Chetan Trivedi, further workshops will be held on Kangaroo Mother Care, advanced life support for babies, antibiotic prescriptions, and paediatric infections on the first day. To sharpen their skills in the most recent developments in childcare, all healthcare professionals will participate in this, including nursing staff, general practitioners, and paediatricians.

“Following that, conferences on a range of subjects relating to children’s health issues will be place for the following two days. We are making an effort to design this conference in an environmentally responsible way, therefore plastic water bottles and bags won’t be utilised in the process. Instead of using paper, we will use environmentally friendly solutions like digital displays or soft copies, Dr. Chetan Trivedi remarked.

Scientific convener Dr. Nishchal Bhatt, organising co-chair Dr. Bela Shah, chief organising secretary Dr. Manish Mehta, convener Dr. Rakesh Sharma, and co-convener Dr. JK Gosai were all in attendance and offered their opinions.


GUJPEDICON is an annual state conference of Academy of Pediatrics Gujarat. Since last 48 years its being organized every year in different cities of Gujarat in which more than 500 pediatricians participate every year from not only Gujarat but also outside Gujarat.

During this conference there will be installation of newly elected president of Academy of Pediatrics, Gujarat 2023 ,Dr Chetan Trivedi who is from Ahmedabad .

Different experts and seniors in the field of pediatrics and its subspecialities share their wisdom and knowledge with our fellow members to enhance their skill and expertise in the field. Not only that they are updated with the recent advances in the field of paediatrics for improving care of children of our state. Conference includes series of lectures and group discussions on current issues related to child health, social issues, adolescent health problems, life style related issues, newborn problems and immunizations. We also have sessions with UNICEF, GOVERNMENT OF GUJARAT AND AHMEDABAD MUNICIPAL CORPORATION for issues related to health department of state.

We carry many other sports and family activities for our members and their families like, quiz, cricket, yoga, health and fitness, finance, medicolegal issues and many more…


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