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8) Vastu Tips Of Griha Pravesh: Follow These Rules Of Vastu While Entering The House In The Year 2022

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The year 2022 has started. The lives of people have been affected in a big way due to the corona pandemic. Meanwhile, people are moving ahead in life by taking necessary precautions. Many people are thinking of entering a new house on the New Year. However, due to Kharmas, there is no auspicious time till January 14. After that there is auspicious time. According to astrologers, the influence of Jupiter becomes weak during Kharmas. Due to this no auspicious work is done. When Sun God enters Capricorn, Kharmas will end. After this all auspicious work will be done. If you are also thinking of entering the house on the day of Kharmas, then definitely follow these rules of Vastu, let us know-



According to astrologers, one should enter the house only on an auspicious day and at an auspicious time. If you are planning to enter the house in January, then after consulting the local pandit, you can enter the house on an auspicious date.



On the day of Griha Pravesh, worship Ganpati ji at home and establish his statue. During this, one thing must be kept in mind that the face of Ganpati ji should be in the east direction. Also, keep the idols of other deities in the east direction.



In the morning on the day of home entry, put salt in water and wipe it. If you want, you can wipe it daily by adding salt to the water. This removes the negative energy present in the house.



Decorate the main entrance of the house beautifully. Put a pylon on the main door and make a swastika sign. Also you can make beautiful Rangoli. Mother Lakshmi is very pleased with this.



At the time of entering the house, keep the right foot first in the house. After that keep the left foot.


Invite very few people on the day of Griha Pravesh. According to Vastu Shastras, negative energy also comes in the house due to the presence of more people. This adversely affects the people living in the house.

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