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8 GITAM Student Innovators Secure Grants from IIT-Hyd Incubator

8 GITAM Student Innovators Secure Grants from IIT-Hyd Incubator

by NewsMonks

The Indian Institute of Technology-Hyderabad (IIT-H) incubator – iTIC has announced grants of INR 1 lakh each for eight exceptional student innovators from GITAM (Deemed to be University).




Selected from a highly competitive pool of 600+ applications nationwide, these innovators represent some of the best and brightest young minds in India’s startup ecosystem, poised to drive significant change across various sectors including Vehicle Safety, Wastewater Filtration, Healthcare, STEM Education and Retail Technology.




The grant recipients include: Akkurada Sankalp, creator of DASH (a groundbreaking vehicle safety system); Anik Panja, innovator behind HYDROGRAVITRICITY (a revolutionary wastewater filtration system); Anoushk, the mind behind NEUSPINE (an innovative spinal posture health technology solution); Mathukumilli Lochan, the force behind STEMQuest (a transformative approach to STEM education); Namrata Yantrapragada, creator of YUMDRINKS (a health-centric, low-GI drink); P. Sushma Devi, of COACT (a noble initiative to aid visually challenged women with periods); Sajjad Hussain, developer of AARIK (a dynamic self-checkout system for retail); and Suchandrahas Medamalli, inventor of AIR (a proactive asthma monitoring device).




Speaking about the creative talent at GITAM (Deemed to be University) and the spirit of entrepreneurship it fosters, Sreedevi Devireddy, Director – GITAM Venture Development Centre added, “Innovation is the driving force behind progress. We are proud to join hands with iTIC and Greenko Group to help these budding innovators realize their potential and make a lasting impact. We are glad to see young student innovators from GITAM receiving the support they need to turn their Innovative ideas into reality.”




The Venture Development Centre at GITAM played a crucial role, being one of the 13 partner incubators involved in the rigorous evaluation process. It also serves as the nurturing ground for these exceptional innovators as they refine their ideas and skills within the VDCs pre-incubation program.



Earlier this year, the iTIC incubator at IIT-H, in collaboration with Greenko Group, had launched the ‘Bold & Unique Ideas Leading to Development’ (BUILD) programme — aimed at supporting undergraduate students and fresh graduates to give shape to their innovative ideas and eventually turn them into a startup.

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