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17-year-old Girl From Karnataka, Multi-talented, Won Many Awards By Performing Brilliantly In More Than 60 Activities

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Talent does not limit any age, this statement has again been proved true by a 17 year old girl. The praise of this multi-talented girl named Akanksha Puranik in Kalaburagi, Karnataka is less than can be admired. Akanksha Puranik knows how to play many musical instruments like Harmonium, Tabla, Guitar, Sitar. Akanksha not only has the training to play these musical instruments, but she has won many awards by performing brilliantly in more than 60 activities like singing, karate, Bharatanatyam etc.





Know what Akanksha says



The 17-year-old Akanksha, who has mesmerized everyone in the world of music with her talent, has many qualities. Akanksha considers her mother as an inspiration, she told news agency ANI, “My mother has been my inspiration, she encouraged me to venture into various fields.”



Akanksha said, ‘I want to become an (IAS) officer and I also know 5 languages, which include Hindi, English, Kannada, Telugu and Marathi.’ She further said that she knows how to play harmonium, tabla, sitar, guitar and also Indian classical Bharatnatyam and Karate. Akanksha said, ‘At present, I am more involved in karate and kickboxing.’



There are many awards in the name of Akanksha



Akanksha, a 17-year-old girl from Kalaburagi, Karnataka, a first year student at Puranik College, has done great things at a young age. Let us inform that Akanksha has won many awards by excelling in more than 60 activities in various fields like singing, dancing, playing musical instruments. Akanksha Puranik said that she has won 300 Shields and obtained 600 certificates in the last four years. In addition, Akanksha is also a blackbelt holder in karate.


Akansha’s close relative Vijaykumar said she was like an “oasis in the desert”. Praising the multi-talented girl, he said that Akanksha is a learner and works hard to achieve whatever she decides to learn. He added, ‘She doesn’t get tired. He has achieved much in barely four years. He has done everything from class VI till now.

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