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Unicorn Apple iPhone restart issue not repaired by apple even after costly protaction plan

Unfulfilled Promises and Unjustified Expenses: A Frustrated iPhone User's Tale of Woe

by NewsMonks

In an era where technological advancements promise seamless experiences, it is disheartening to hear the grievances of consumers who find themselves entangled in a web of unmet promises and unexpected expenses. One such case has come to light, where an iPhone user, despite having purchased pro insurance, is facing a harrowing experience with Apple’s service.


1 – Phone sent for repair on 29 Dec.23. Phone was un broken, un opened ( confirmed by Unicorn Apple, Himalaya Mall ) and issues shows was continues restart.

2 – After a week no one has status update so user escalate the issue.

3 – Unicorn called on 7th day that your device got internal damage. Customer surprising asked which part was damage ? as phone was never opened or damaged externally.

4 – They asked for 8900/- on top of Protaction plan worth 17000 which was taken by customer

5 – Customer asked to tell the technichal information, then called to call center they said we will get back and send personal email but no communication done after it/ ( Call recording is available.)

6 – After 17 days customer asked to take their same phone without resolving issue.


Mr. Zala, a proud owner of the latest iPhone model, was eagerly awaiting the return of his device after sending it for repairs. However, more than 15 days have passed, and his phone is yet to make its way back to him. To add insult to injury, the pro insurance he invested in, which was supposed to ensure a swift resolution to any issues, has fallen short of its promises.

Despite the phone being scratch-free, the tech team at Apple claims the damage is internal. This revelation raises eyebrows, as Mr. Zaoa insists there was no apparent external damage to warrant such a diagnosis. The lack of transparency regarding the internal damage further adds to the frustration of the user, who is left questioning the integrity of the assessment.

The pro insurance, which was meant to provide peace of mind in the face of unforeseen events, seems to have failed in its duty. Instead of a hassle-free resolution, Mr. Zala finds himself facing an additional financial burden. With a hefty insurance premium of Rs 17,000 for his Rs 89,000 phone, he is now being asked to shell out an extra Rs 8,900 to receive a refurbished replacement.

This unexpected demand for additional funds raises concerns about the fairness and clarity of Apple’s insurance policies. Consumers are left wondering why they should pay more for a replacement when the insurance was purchased precisely to avoid such out-of-pocket expenses.

Mr. Zala is not alone in his ordeal, as many consumers may find themselves in similar situations. This serves as a stark reminder that, despite the sleek and sophisticated image of the Apple brand, customer service and the fulfillment of promises should not be overlooked.

As we shed light on this individual’s struggle, it is crucial for consumers to be aware of their rights and question the terms and conditions of insurance policies. This case underscores the need for transparency, accountability, and fairness in the dealings of tech giants like Apple, reminding us all that the allure of cutting-edge technology should not come at the expense of consumer trust and satisfaction.


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