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The young man from Porbandar will break the record of becoming Charlie Chaplin 129 times today by becoming Gandhi for the 131st time

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Today in Gandhi Bhoomi Porbandar, a young man is moving towards creating a world record through a living statue of Gandhiji. It is difficult to be like Mahatma Gandhi but 15 years ago this young man started his journey to become a living statue of Gandhiji after watching a French film and tomorrow on Gandhi Nirvana Day he is going to break the world record of a British young man and become a Gandhi statue for the 151st time

In Porbandar, the birthplace of Mahatma Gandhi, who played an important role in giving freedom to the country, there is also a young laborer who has become the golden statue of Gandhiji in different parts of the country and has made the name of Gandhibhoomi bright. The traditional occupation of a young working class man named Jayesh Hinglajia from Porbandar, the birthplace of Gandhi, is doing such masonry work. Jayesh, a multi-talented person, has created many records by becoming a statue of Golden Gandhi 12 times in programs. Jayesh said he had seen a French film with his father.

In which the actor was constantly standing as a statue by applying mud and leaf color on his body to escape from the police. From there he got the idea and decided to become a Gandhi statue as he was from the city of Mahatma Gandhi. So that Gandhiji’s thoughts and message can become a golden statue and reach more and more people. He first implemented this idea on the day of Gandhi Jayanti in the year 2007.

He has never looked back since the then Chief Minister Narendra Modi was also present at the event. Jayesh has set a total of 6 records so far. He is going to create a world record by becoming a Gandhi statue in a program tomorrow. The young Londoner holds the record for being Charlie Chaplin 18 times. Now Jayesh Hingrajia will set a world record by becoming a Gandhi statue more than that tomorrow.

The Rangsagar Performing Arts Institute of Ahmedabad has organized a unique event on the occasion of Gandhi Nirvana Day tomorrow. In which 2000 artists from different countries of the world will perform Mahatma Gandhi’s favorite hymn Vaishnava Jan at 7 pm together and let’s call it Ray and Raghupati Raghav Rajaram.

In which musicians will give music. Singers will sing this hymn and dancers will perform dance. All the artists will try to create a world record by wearing khadi or white clothes and paying homage to Mahatma Gandhi with their art for fifteen minutes.

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