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The CM of this state has been protesting in front of Raj Bhavan for 3 days !

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Pondicherry Chief Minister Narayanasamy has been sitting on a picket outside the Raj Bhavan for the last three days. He demanded that the central government recall Deputy Governor Kiran Bedi. He accused one of them of not allowing the people of the state to elect a constitutional government. Disrupts work and prevents work from happening. Pondicherry has a Congress-led government of secular democratic coalition.

Apart from Chief Minister Narayanasamy, a convoy comprising PCC president AV Subramanian, ministers in his government, Congress MLAs, activists and the Communist Party of India, Marxist Party and VCK is taking part in a protest outside the Raj Bhavan. However, the incident was also the subject of much discussion on Saturday in the presence of Congress ally DMK. VCK leader T Tirumavalan and CPI (M) Tamil Nadu secretary Mutharas addressed the crowd and criticized the undemocratic working style of the deputy governor.

“If Prime Minister Narendra Modi believes in the welfare of democracy, he should intervene and remove these prisoners,” Mutharas said. He accused the central government of being inert and uncontrollable in its efforts to end the protesting peasant agitation on various borders of Delhi. Chief Minister V Narayanasamy alleged that Prime Minister Modi and Bedi had hatched a conspiracy to merge Pondicherry with Tamil Nadu to end Pondicherry’s separate status.

He also accused the Prime Minister and Bedi of trying to deprive the people of Pondicherry of their rights. Three years ago, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal along with three of his ministers staged a sit-in at the Raj Bhavan on the issue of ending the strike of IAS officers in 2018. The picketing lasted for a week. The conflict lasted a long time. However, no such response has been forthcoming from the central government so far. Mutharasan also said that Kiran Bedi’s government should be replaced. However, the ongoing feud between Chief Minister Narayanasamy and Kiran Bedi is not new. Issues such as sparks are constantly being discussed between them.

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