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The President of India, Smt Droupadi Murmu graced and addressed the 2nd convocation of Indian Institute of Information Technology (IIIT), Lucknow today (December 12, 2023).


Speaking on the occasion, the President said that today India has 5 Ds – Demand, Demography, Democracy, Desire and Dream. This 5Ds will be very beneficial in our journey of development. Our economy, which was at 11th position a decade ago, is today the 5th largest economy and is on its way to becoming the 3rd largest economy by the year 2030. India is a progressive and democratic nation. Our dream is that India should become a developed country by the year 2047. She stressed that it is responsibility of all students of IIIT Lucknow to not only become a partner in this vision but also to give their best to fulfill it.


The President said that change is the law of nature. We are witnessing the beginning of the 4th Industrial Revolution. Artificial Intelligence is proving to be an important tool to make human life easier and increase productivity. With its wide applications, AI and Machine Learning are touching almost all aspects of our lives. In all areas like healthcare, education, agriculture, smart cities, infrastructure, smart mobility and transportation etc., AI and Machine Learning are presenting many opportunities to improve our efficiency and working capacity on a large scale. She was happy to note that India is not only an important part of the 4th Industrial Revolution but is also emerging as a global hub of new technologies like Artificial intelligence, machine learning, Internet of Things and blockchain.


The President said that AI and other contemporary technological developments offer unlimited and unprecedented developmental and transformative possibilities. But, it is necessary that the ethical dilemmas arising with AI use be resolved first. Be it the employment problem arising from automation, or the widening gap of economic inequality or the human bias that results from AI, we have to find creative solutions to every problem. She stated that we also have to ensure that we give importance to ‘Emotional Intelligence’ along with ‘Artificial Intelligence’. We have to remember that AI should not be an end but a means whose purpose is to enhance the quality of human life. She emphasised that every decision we take should benefit the person at the lowest rung.


The President was happy to note that IIIT Lucknow has been granted the status of Institute of National Importance. She said that this status is an indicator of this institution’s ability, capability, and efficiency. She highlighted that with this status, the country and the society expect from them that they will not only live up to the highest standards in the field of education but will also establish such dimensions of excellence which will be benchmarks in themselves.

The President said that idea of acquiring knowledge in regional languages is a positive step. This step will prove to be a big step in removing the obstacles in knowledge enhancement due to linguistic limitations. She said that the establishment of Incubation Center C.R.E.A.T.E. is a commendable step to make research and development accessible to the society by giving it an operational and tangible form. She stated that the curriculum focused on Artificial Intelligence and its applications provides students with the necessary skills to navigate the new technological landscape. She was happy to note that IIIT Lucknow is committed for solving the challenges faced by the society and industry and preparing students for the demands arising with time.



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