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Mugabe is happy ! The story of the fall of Zimbabwe cricket

by News Monks

At the 2003 World Cup, Zimbabwe’s Andy Flower (one of the Flower Brothers) and Henry Olanga decided to wear black armbands to protest the Democracy’s death knell. Zimbabwe’s management has warned that “if you return to the country, you will not be harmed. Mugabe will not leave you. Turn around.” But Flower and Olanga did not return. These knights went to the field. He played with a black band without scaring anyone and informed the world about Mugabe’s torture. When Olanga bowled Sachin Tendulkar clean in a match, Tendulkar wanted to get rid of him. In the second match, Sachin hit fours and sixes in Olanga’s over and this match made Olanga famous at home. When the same popular Olanga returned to Zimbabwe after playing a match in India, Mugabe put secret police behind him. You would be surprised to know that he was accused of insulting Mugabe, and was sentenced to death! Andy Flower shook. He had a suspicion that this was what happened to him because he was a white Englishman, so he secretly fled to England with his family! When Henry Olanga arrived in England hiding his identity. Both of these are called sons of Bhad. Brave who fought against his brutal government not with sword but with bat.
Most of the best players left after 2003 and now the team has only club level talent left. Tatenda Tabu, who started international cricket at just 16 when no one wanted to be Mugabe’s captain, took the helm at the age of just 21. But playing international matches became less common in Zimbabwe and that is why there was no high level competition so both the players and the board became lazy. Taboo also retired out of boredom and became a father (priest) in the church. Without struggle and fierce competition, the players started playing ordinary cricket and now a situation has arisen where a few years ago they lost by 3 runs to the United Arab Emirates in the qualifying round and therefore could not play in the 2019 World Cup.

But, he says, Heath Streak is still serving his country as immortal hope is hidden in a million disappointments. The sad heart is saying softly, my family and I left the country and settled in England but I could not bear the ruin of the country’s cricket. Zimbabwe returned despite fears. And became national coach. Think! How much would I have persuaded Kate? Will be begging! What about my love of country? On the other hand, the slender Andy Flower has become the coach of a cricket team like England and is also striving for Zimbabwe cricket to come forward. Henry Olanga still looked like an African Singer, and became one. Does commentary and sings songs. Also, now Zimbabwe’s economic situation is deteriorating. Political interference is at an all-time high, money is so scarce that it is now common for a trillion-dollar currency to be in the currency. Sometimes if we fill the bag and take the Zimbabwean dollar, not even a single loaf of bread can be found. Although there has been a slight improvement now, cricket selection has become so entrenched in politics and politics that the ICC has suspended Zimbabwe from international cricket. No more funding or training from the ICC to play cricket. The situation is much worse. The international community has said that if they provide funding for sports, the Zimbabwean government will use the funds for its own use, which is why the ICC has now given them the go-ahead.

Mugabe is famous for his quotes against white-British. He compared the whites to the tissue paper of the toilet. When Obama introduced a law that would allow ‘same gender marriage’, Mugabe said, “Brother Obama, if you think this law is right, come to Harare (Zimbabwe) and marry me.” The reign of such a brainwashed dictator has just come to an end and Heath Streak is hoping that the suspension will be lifted and Zimbabwe will be able to participate in the 2023 World Cup at least if it becomes capable ..!

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