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In the bitter cold, the Chinese soldiers were discouraged, 10 thousand soldiers were withdrawn from the border

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Amid tensions with India, China has withdrawn 10 of its troops from the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in eastern Ladakh. Chinese troops have withdrawn from an area of ​​200 km near the Indian border. It is learned that China has taken this step as the temperature in Ladakh has dropped below zero. Due to the extreme cold and difficult situation, the Chinese troops have lost courage and retreated from the border. On the other hand, in such a difficult situation, strong-minded Indian soldiers are standing firm to protect the border.

In eastern Ladakh, China has withdrawn about 10,000 of its troops. Top government sources told a news channel that the space near the Indian border in Ladakh, where Chinese troops were training, has now been vacated.

In fact, when tensions with India erupted in March-April last year, China sent 50,000 troops to the border. Since then, these Chinese troops have been stationed at LAC in Ladakh. Chinese troops were stationed in the mountainous region of Ladakh even as the world struggled to cope with the Koro epidemic.

Sources said that the Chinese troops have been evacuated from an area of ​​about 200 km from the Indian border. This is probably due to the bone-chilling cold and all the troubles. Where the Chinese have been forced to withdraw troops. So the Indians are still standing for border security. Even at temperatures below zero, Indian troops are still stranded in Ladakh on the border with China. Even in such a fatal situation, Indians are protecting the country’s borders so that China does not carry out its nefarious moves.

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