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Imran’s miserable mockery of Pakistan will pledge Jinnah’s sign to reduce debt

by News Monks

Pakistan is now so miserable that it is time to pledge the mark or identity of its founder Muhammad Ali Jinnah. Pakistan’s Imran Khan is considering auctioning off a park named after the sister of Mohammad Ali Zina for a debt of Rs 500 billion. According to a Pakistani news website, the Imran government is considering mortgaging Islamabad’s largest park in the F-9 sector to get a loan of about Rs 500 billion.

A proposal to mortgage the park will be tabled at a cabinet meeting on Tuesday. It is worth mentioning that the name of this park is Fatima Jinnah Park. Madar-e-Milkat Fatima Zina is the sister of Mohammad Ali Zina, the founder of Pakistan and this F-9 park is spread over 759 acres of land. The park is one of the greenest places in Pakistan.

This misery of Pakistan was trending on Twitter. #PakBecomingChineseColony was trending top on Twitter. Not only that, people are blaming the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor and the rampant corruption in it for making Pakistan a colony. The entire project is now being questioned due to the corruption of Chinese companies with the help of the Pakistan Army in the CPEC. The project, which was worth about 46 billion, has now grown to 87 87 billion.

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